November 2011

The Ministry of housing and Urban-Rural DevelopmentWas informed by the relevant people,although this year 10000000 sets the protection of housing construction task smoothly,butHousing construction departmentAround the actual completion of quality evaluation is not high,because the actualInvestmentLines did not reach Jianbu envisioned the lower limit of 1.3 yuan. China Securities analyst Yang Xian said,”this year,the protection of the building housing the actual investment may be about 700000000000 yuan investment in new projects,including the actual implementation of estimated only 500000000000 yuan”.The building housing the Department said,housing construction will around “guaranteed investment” to plan the study next year guarantee housing construction goals,”in the real estate market is to accelerate the decline in time,the protection of the building housing the actual investment not lower than in 2011″. This also means that,by the China Securities estimates,in 2012 China’s security housing investment minimum in 700000000000 yuan. (broad net)

The first weekend in November,the Shanghai property market supply peatlands sustained,developers “mild” preferential,most of the newly openedPropertyThe discount rate is about 10%,see tenants continue to wait. At the same time,Shanghai see tenants but on overseas market releases large quantity,at the November 5th Shanghai Australia exhibitions,a couple visiting after half an hour to sign the purchase contract,buy value about 3150000 yuan in Melbourne villa.According to the Shanghai housing network data monitoring center by the statistic November 3rd,on the first weekend in November,Shanghai is expected to have 7 residential projects opened or push,to launch 1400 sets of housing. Although the opening item number and the number of houses were launched last week by the fall,but still be in perch. In November,the Shanghai property market continued in the last week of October trading volume situation.From the view of overall promotion,developers preferential rate limited,mostly remained at about 10%. Located in the Songjiang Milan Connaught your degree as an example,the average price of 14000 yuan / square meters,although introduced the unit price 8888 yuan / square meters of the special room,but this special housing only one set,the overwhelming majority of buyers can obtain the largest margin of preference in 10 percent off or so. Shanghai Songjiang China ten in the workshop,the average price of 15000 yuan / square meters,opened on the same day price straight down 2400 yuan,equivalent to 15% off.In fact,because the new year is approaching,some developers sales and capital pressure increase,thus accelerating the pushing the pace,with period in a short period of time to promote sales promotion,so that the market supply peatlands sustained. However,due to the preferential rate is limited,except through the priceStyleThe whole,so that products in the price has obvious advantages,it quickly to no small difficulty.In November 5th,”the Australian Capital City boutique real estate exhibition three” and “Gold Coast limited housingInvestment”And many other Australian event to promote the field will also be in Shanghai Lanke,attract a lot of people in Shanghai. A Shanghai couple into the show after half an hour in advance and a $5000 deposit,signed the purchase contract. The couple see is a located in Melbourne villa,total of 477900 Australian dollars (about 3150000 yuan),to study in Australia children buy. It is reported,the Australian market is mainly focused on the introduction of forty or fifty thousand dollar Australian platoon villa.

In recent months,Greentown became the Chinese real estate industry “topic of wang”. By investigation,by the merger and acquisition,by the bankruptcy,media gloated over music,listening to the wind is rain,endless dissemination of relevant topics. However,recently the news more reliable: Alibaba Group Chairman and Chief Executive OfficerMa YunCall Alibaba staff group purchase musicProperty.Irrefutable evidence: by November 5th,nearly 60 people consisting of Alibaba staff house visit three Greentown property FeiThe city,Xixi Park,moon river. While 4 of Alibaba an internal email display: Ali employees to purchase the three projects,enjoy the green city employee discount 8% off,and enjoys an extra group purchase discount. The group purchase matters,also get the confirm music.Why Ma Yun is willing to lend a helping hand? The horses are said to be very well for Song Erren,with Hangzhou famous entrepreneur,with Zhejiang Shaoxing under the jurisdiction of Shengzhou. However,at the same time,in the face of revenue yuan big enterprise,how to save? But in less obvious benefit case,call,organize their own staff group purchase it,and whether or not Ma Yun Alibaba to this group purchase action to give special financial support,but in August this year,Alibaba announced $3000000000 “iHome” interest-freeHomeLoan program: the work of over three years and the first home of the staff,can enjoy the 300000 yuan loan without interest.Therefore,it is only Alibaba and mutually beneficial cooperation behavior. However,the concern is,Alibaba staff can enjoy “recessive guarantee”: if the purchased property has serious problems,such as extreme conditions such as the uncompleted residential flats,Ma Yun or Alibaba Group will give a view,and even some form of compensation.Obviously,neither Ma Yun,still want to group purchase staff,really do not have to bother. Because,the green city to die. Of course,this is a certain condition,any enterprise may fall. I said is,at least in the three projects completed and others three years prior,Greentown difficult to disappear from the earth,these projects would not appear serious quality problems,not to mention the uncompleted residential flats.Greentown China’s real estate development industry banner,because the property quality and property services in pursuit. To a certain extent,Song WeipingMore like an artist,in the product shape is a perfectionist. Performance in a commercial operation,distinct paranoid color. For example,in order to safeguard the interests of owners of old,real estate firm prices.Back then,Greentown. Green city now the biggest problem is what? Song Weiping spoke frankly that is capital turnover. According to music in 2010 annual report,net assets and liabilities rate reported in 2011 132%,increased to 163%,the green city down debt desire to draw further apart. Because the music is a company listed in Hongkong,according to the domestic financial standards,total assets liabilities rate at around 85%,and October 30th,were comparable to data of 108 domestic listed companies on average of 73%. Either the net debt ratio,total debt ratio,Greentown is significantly more than the industry average.Indebted rate is high,the funds that tension,pressure owing on the loan in. To alleviate the pressure,there are two commonly used methods: one to borrow money,two sell. Reference to borrow money,the current must have all the developers have a large head. Since this year,the country continues to tighten monetary policy,especially for loans to developers “ruthless oppression”; originally a lot of enterprises but also for the real estateTrustHowever,since the three quarter even trust are regulated,music and peace sign huge cooperation agreement,did not bear much fruit; for Greentown such companies listed in Hong Kong,the first half of the year is still relatively easy to borrow external debt in recent months,the development of enterprise bond has been difficult to sell,internationalInvestmentMechanism of slow.On the real,is not master,especially in the property market downturn. Since this year,rival,Bi Gui Garden,in the promotion of quick response,big marketing efforts,funds face slightly more comfortable,Vanke,fluctuate in line with market conditions,pricing strategy mainly surrounding the opening within one month of sales target of 60%. Notable is,the four real estate tycoon residential development projects,mostly in the end,depreciate sales promotion,can attract the owner-occupier market. And music product line to high-end residential. In the property market downturn,the high-end residential than ordinary residential sales more difficult,especially in the current purchase limit,limit,limit the loan and other powerful administrative intervention,high-end residential sales is one disaster after another.Green city funds became available,not all tricks. At the end of 9,Song Weiping has said publicly that it is better to sell,Greentown,CSI is resale project,plan is big price sold the house,out of the real estate arena. It seems,Greentown would not easily reduced,but that does not mean do not drop. For the Alibaba directional price,is a kind of sales promotion strategy,this trick can also be for other firms,and even the whole society group purchase. At the same time,music is also trying to resell the items,such as the September 15th,with the 30000000 yuan price,transfer the Wenzhou green city development real estate development company 15% of the equity.Unless the next two years after the national credit policy and real estate policy is not to relax,or is unlikely to take “the worst”. In fact,if the real estate regulation will Greentown the flag down,it is really a nice irony.(the writer of real estate research)

Comic / Tang ChunchengLanguage opening columnStarting from today,we will continue the introduction of “Life Survey” series of reports,answer for your life but there has been no answer to solve all kinds of problems. Please call our hotline 88229999,look forward to your participation.With the increase of residents,property owners and the contradictions between the company also gradually. The reporter investigates discovery,although some owners of the Cheng Liye Commission is a strong desire,but because of various reasons,many residential Cheng Liye Committee,individual industry area,its establishment and the working process is also striking one snag after another.Present situation investigationIn 5 yearsHad thoughtBut no one takes the leadRay source breeze district since 2006 since the arrival of owner and property company,each time because the heating,parking problems to produce the differences,the owners can only hold a “step back as boundless as the sea and sky” attitude,taking a soft,smooth the way for the transition. “In fact,as owners we also hope,can have an industry to speak for themselves.” Owner Ms. Jiang said,but only 100 community many households,are from all over the country,are not known,the heart is not homogeneous,no active lead for Cheng Liye committee.Recently,Ms. Jiang and area residents,and is a property company vacant room how to charge for heating costs for consultations,”property of vacant housing to collect 50% based fees,more than the prescribed 30% is much higher.” Ms. Jiang said,previous owners encounter such dilemma,metropolis in each unit randomly selected several representative,can talk about “what,everybody,accept the default.”For such approaches,many owners frankly,individual owners to and property equal exchange,should set up a committee of owners,but no one was willing to pick the first organization,but also on the Cheng Liye commission rules and procedures are not clear.Setbacks during the first half of the yearProgress is smoothResults are not recognizedResidential hot water,natural gas,heating supply,the property company to hire,community public income expenditure and other issues,has been the Xi’an building residential owners headaches. Small owners Mr Cheung said: “property owners and developers,there are many contradictions,in the process of negotiations,the loose door is inferior,need for property owners owners committee.”Reportedly,the world trade center area of a total of more than one thousand households,the owners have admitted from the beginning of 2001. “Industry authority was established early,everyone on the meeting,discussion is very positive,we carry out the work smoothly. Can have done not have how long,developers began to intervene,then the industry commission’s work is no substantive progress. Owners have to the industry will lose confidence.” In this regard,small business committee director Mr. Gao was very distressed.At present,due to the high in the industry in the work not being recognized,he has moved from District,”now the industry’s work I basically don’t ask,Guoxierizi street also in the neighborhood organization industry committee election.” He said.For two yearsBut itsThe industry of temporary groupFu Garden District 3 building,2009,the owners found not in accordance with the provisions of the residential property company overhaul fund report,several “kind-hearted” owners lead organizations to resolve after discussion,owner committee,and the declaration materials submitted to the district where the office of the streets. But Street office staff to the owners and developers,property company no three party “met” rejected their application. After a period of time,the owners and in accordance with the relevant procedures selected the preparatory team,but because of various reasons,street do not admit. So far,Cheng Liye appoint can do or do not progress.”Have more than two years,the industry also has not been established,the rights of no guarantee.” Lee said the owners committee,every time Cheng Liye failed the heart will cool half,but seen residential environment getting worse,developers and property commitments are not fulfilled,don’t give up so easily. The owner Mr. Guo is helpless,if the application is then played back,the owners had to first set up an industry committee temporary working group,each floor to elect a representative,when it would be called out.The public opinionHope owners committeeThe reporter investigates discovery,although there are still a lot of small no owner committee,but most residents still look forward to the community can have a let people reflect on the place. “The family small parking fee is 150 yuan per month,and our small parking fee will be 500 yuan a month,why the same lot,the same level of community and different standards?” Citizen Miss Hou complained,she live in the area have not set up the owners committee,owners of the property have led to the current views of the time,do not know how to solve,do not know through what channels to reflect.”I was in the area lived more than 2 years,have not see Cheng Liye committee.” Elegant lotus spring owners Mr. Wang said: at present the area often burgled,underground garage filthy,property services standards do not let him too much upset,hope Cheng Liye appoint meeting,can supervise the property management,property owners and play a coordinating role between.The industry is difficult to achieve real value”Our area of mostly young people,in the industry do not quite understand,encounter problems themselves and property,developers on the line.” Cheshire Changan residential owners Ms. Lee said,even established industry,estimates can only be a display. Now we are busy,it’s better to save trouble.,no one is willing to jump out for other people.During the interview,Lee and the same idea of a few people,everybody thinks,even if the plot established industry,but there would be many factors,restraint,to realize its value. “Our area of the industry are not the owners elected,they won’t we discuss the basic act.” It lives in myrtle family owners Mr Yang is not satisfied.

Most owners are not clear,the industry commission and member of the candidate is to produce. Yesterday,a letter at the candidate default “anonymous” in the area of the spread,so that owners puzzled.Owner: these people we don’t knowReporter yesterday afternoon in Rongqiao Xinyuan area south gate office saw,a written “Rongqiao Xinyuan small first owners committee election begins!” Large display plate placed at the door,very conspicuous,many owners are in the display board before stop,and discuss a few words. Reporter approached to see,on the display board introduced the community first the establishment of industry situation,business committee members election work arrangements,as well as the 9 industry members candidate profile. “Small Cheng Liye commission? When that happened,I do not know.” The owner Mr. Yang said. “These people are,I do not know,how they became a candidate?” One side of the song lady and.”Yesterday I got home not a letter,which said that the person is not a campaign,by default.” The owners of a pointing display board is a business committee members candidates photo. Subsequently,the owner took out the letter “anonymous”,the reporter saw this letter “to the vast majority of the owners open letter”,referred to the present owners saw the 9 waiting for the owners of the “referendum” candidates,only 6 are enrolled between owners elected,while the remaining 3,among them two is the default. At this time,the presence of many owners have admitted their also received the same content of letters,”so that the person can also be candidates,we can trust them?” The owners questioned.Property: only with the industry in the preparatory workBecause of the weekend comes,couldn’t be reached for Industry in the preparatory and audit work of Rongqiao Xinyuan area belonging to the community. In the residential property company,surnamed Wang staff said Cheng Liye,District Committee Party,already at the unit reminder bar make publicity,then there are many consistent with the primary conditions of the resident owners,with the house property certificate,identity card or other valid certificates to community sign up participate business committee members.For the majority of owners to reflect on the establishment of industry,and industry members candidate generation process did not know a thing,Wang surname staff said: “this work is a community of leading organization,the property only to work. Send notice,to do publicity alone,industry members and we have no right to verify the identity of candidates. If the owners of the candidates questioned,voting abstain.”Investigation: the establishment of industry is in great expectationsReporters in the area were randomly interviewed several owners after the discovery,the establishment of industry expresses great expectations,but the incompetent had some concern. “The establishment of industry should be a good thing. In fact,as ordinary owners,the industry has not who who is not important,they work we still don’t know. We value the establishment of industry,can truly for the owners to do real thing.” Residential owners Mr. Han said,if the industry work fail,can also be the owners “speculation”. The voice just fell,there are many owners Mr. Han said identity perception.

Although the Greentown real estate group limited funds bottleneck constant rumors,but its Greentown Property Services Group Limited company has recently acquired a new group under the property 40% of the shares of the company.Greentown property general manager Yang “representation,property was renamed Lake Greentown property,from the Greentown property trading,advanced services for new real estate projects,later will gradually at the same time to undertake a property project.According to introducing,Greentown property since the beginning of 1999 following a green city real estate project property services,property services at 75% as a green city real estate projects. Before the 2008 acquisition of Zhejiang four Holley property,Greentown property gradually expanded the acquisition path,continue to purchase the Zhejiang daily newspaper group property services companies and the West Group Property Management company. At present,Greentown property to undertake service property of 30000000 square meters,annual revenue is expected to exceed 900000000 yuan this year.At the end of 9,the Green City Real Estate Board ChairmanSong WeipingIn response to the regulation of the implementation of the “three step” strategy when it said,Greentown property companies have regulation adversely affected.The so-called “three steps”,i.e. to make sales,not to sell items,and then not to bring the price down to,sold all the house out of business.

New Year approaching,the listing of the housing enterprises,flushing performance pressure imminent.But from the digital surface,property speculators have a good year.Money newspaper shows,before this year 9 months Vanke sales area of 8412000 square meters,annual sales of 97080000000 yuan,year-on-year growth of 35% over the. Poly 9 months before sales of 57275000000 yuan,an increase of 38%.From the cash flow,at the end of the three quarter,Vanke hand control monetary fund amounted to 33900000000 yuan,than to control severe ended the three quarter of 2008 more than 14000000000 yuan;Poly Real Estate(600048,Shares) with monetary fund 22000000000 yuan over the beginning of this year,nearly 3000000000 yuan. The disposable cash of approximately HK $17240000000.A listing of the housing enterprises marketing director said,”this year’s sales target is not high,has now completed. So the tone is still mainly to wait and see.” “Housing prices in large”This wave of regulation,a large real estate enterprises take the lead in price,but focus on the two or three line of the city.Grams and Rui analyst Yang Chenqing introduced,the beginning of the year,Vanke,poly,Hengda already in the price,Hengda the largest margin of preference.See not hard,Hengda project in two or three line or four line of the city. Money newspaper shows,Hengda the first three quarters of 2011 basically completed by the beginning of the sales target.According to media reports,Chongqing,Hangzhou and other placesPropertyAt present the highest decrease of super 30%,which includes China,Longhu,and Whampoa ,China Merchants,poly and other large enterprises. And the Whampoa  project in Chongqing coral waterfront from 15800 yuan / square meters down to 10800 yuan / square meters,or 32%; the sea real estate in Hangzhou Wisteria Yuan Zheng to promote the last batch of housing: 136 square meters fineRenovationThe great Huxing housing fold from the day before the 17000 yuan per square metre to adjust to the current 12000 yuan,or close to 30%.The confusion,Longhu,sea and other enterprises depreciate fronts to first-tier cities like Shanghai. The two companies report book is not short of money.An industry source said,according to the first three quarters of 71300000000 Hong Kong dollar sales progress,the completion of 80000000000 Hong Kong dollar sales target of almost no suspense,it intends to adjust the annual sales target to 90000000000 Hong Kong dollars. But the sea in Shanghai sales target completion rate of less than 20%. As for Longhu,the front had been biased towards southwest,price is for the layout of East China and ready.In fact,Shanghai is the real price of real estate are not many.In a November 5th report,the Shanghai real price 15% ~ 20% more projects only 5-10 projects,Shanghai currently active projects total 200-300,accounted for no more than 5%.”House pricesHigh prices,less first-tier cities,is not a good place to run enterprises.” Yang Chenqing thinks.”First-tier cities house down to sell do not move,(Shanghai,Minhang)XinghewanFell also did not have a turnover of.” A listed company marketing director says.”First-tier cities property prices do not move,achieve the sales target of pressure,line two or three city price considering loosening.” A listed company executives to morning paper reporter is expressed.With the policy advisory research center directorZhang HongweiThink,large enterprises take the lead in price roily market,small and medium-sized enterprises will be more confusing,if follow the trend of prices,competition for big business; if not depreciate,or faced the fund chain of market share and the double pressure problems.Easy large listed enterprisesAccording to the Xinhua News Agency reported,some small and medium enterprises funding chain stretched,some small and medium-sized real estate enterprises are quietly disappear. Some of the projects by enclosure cover,or still under construction,but they changed owner. The Shanghai property rights exchange to provide the latest market shows,in recent weeks,the real estate industry once again become the Shanghai property market week turnover and new listing project amount highest industry: a week were 3 cases,the total volume of transactions reached 1266000000 yuan.According to the Beijing Central Plains real estate statistics,the first 10 months of this year,the market share is fluctuant and frequent,the size of the equity trading volume to reach a total of 93 cases,the total transaction volume reached 30080000000 yuan,far exceeding the year 2010 84 16525000000 yuan trade scale.One developer said,now the profit two launch and transfer of the project completion. And small enterprises if really dead,price also will not work.A large state-owned enterprises listed on the developer said,now there are about 2000000000 yuan of cash flow,return rate than in previous years,slow 50% to 60%.The source said,”protect the real pressure of 2000000000 yuan (RMB),now up to who do not know,our money is frozen.”"Plans to take out part of the capital,do PE,into the green and low carbon and other real estate industry chain.” These people also said.”How to make money how to deal”The current real estate big brothers,”retreat to move one after another.”.November 3rd,Ruian Development Company Limited (00983.HK) said,Ruian has agreed to terminate at about 3200000000 yuan to buy Nanjing City office block of the joint venture agreement. Notice that the board of directors at the moment,that making such significant capital commitment is financial frivolities,therefore decided not to participate in this to buy. This is afterwards Shanghai Zendai (00755.HK) announced plans to sell its highest 9570000000 yuan in Shanghai the Bund International Financial Services Centre Block 8-1 project,second recent large enterprises “retreat” case.”How to make money how to deal. Now do not consider so long.” A listed company marketing director said,the company plans to sell a center of commercial land.The above said,price,land price has started a “response”. This money can be the hunters of other projects.Yang Chenqing points out,high turnover is still big business future. On handLandNot much bodied and first-tier cities land lays in inadequacy of Vanke,in the four quarter with no delay. And the land reserves rich companies,such as CNOOC,Hengda,need not be anxious to get to the. Moreover,the four quarter will be low-cost land concentrated period of time,is to get a good time.

PropertyYesterday opened,the developers had the highest total by 300000 discount,discount sale of downtown property has formally began. Some in the industry think,Shanghai property market overall sales era is coming. Two hours out of nearly 40 setsReporters yesterday in the sales site,located on the extension on the road in the market yesterday morning customers door,seem to have at present property unsalable condition. A reporter from the Sales Department understands,the projects this two days,from yesterday launched a week-long promotional activities,”two rooms have 200000 of the total price concessions,three Fang Zeli 300000.”Sales offices sales responsible person said,”since before the opening has been the customer storage,plus the price compares a period is greatly reduced,so the market acceptance of the good,opened two hours set out 39 set.” Understand according to the reporter,after the development phase of the fold in 40000 yuan,while the average price in 35000 yuan,the equivalent of 15% off.The reporter understands in interview,because the property in Daning belonging to the plate in the high-grade market,have already accumulated a batch to have certain purchasing power of buyers. Yesterday so substantially promotion once launched,is called “property buyers found large wallet.” There are also some property buyers because of previous projects launched “price refund” commitment,they say,wished to purchase the property can also have a certain price guarantee. Price not only outside theAfter a wave of outer ring outside the sale price surge,a large disc and the reduction tide tide is started sweeping the downtown property. Statistic shows,on the weekend the city has 7 residential projects for all products,Residence,the inner has two new projects in the city,including the property. In terms of price,overall margin of preference in the 10%15% around.To supply peatlands sustained,Soufangwang data monitoring center analyst Qu Peng believes,because of approaching the end,some developers sales pressure increased,need to take some measures to promote the turnover,and opened as they can in the shortest possible time promotes transactions the way it is logical to become numerous developers preferred; moreover,this can also see developers for the current property market trend or a more optimistic attitude.And in the public interest,the price,although the vast majority of the project are given a certain degree of preference,but the overall amplitude remains 10%15% around. Analytic personage thinks,at present price area has been extended to downtown,within the ring.House pricesNo longer be a monolithic whole. Related news: Shanghai led the national real estate market changed face In October Shanghai second-hand housing index fell 3 points a year for the first time fell A Shanghai estate price straight down 7000 yuan of price difference compensation for the first time in the contract Shanghai Jinshan property is the minimum price of 6700 yuan per ping

November 4th morning,the Shanghai Jiading of Longhu real estateCitySales offices. In front of the display table invisible building model,only two of a lamp holder interface,crooked tree model,from the sand table scattered debris still visible smashed over the traces,and the other a panoramic sand table is also black cloth cover all covered. The building of fineRenovationA model of owners in the white wall,wrote “the volume of fraud”,”my hard-earned money” black protest slogans unusual dazzling.The sales offices only two sales staff was sitting in the foreground,in will not even looks up,more staff is sitting in a tea table,with a coffee machine rumbling of boiled acoustic chat.Because the group purchase has ended,and the remaining houses are very limited,sales offices only sporadic showings. However,in half a month ago,it experienced 3 Heaven full purchase tide,but then came the hundreds of the old owners protest.Shanghai property market “golden Jiuyin ten” has become “copper nine iron ten”,developers need to return the funds,to substantially reduce the sales,housing information website to open the newProperty,readily visible “discount”,”activity” propaganda “,some real estate prices high amounts to 40% above.And it touched the old owner’s nervous,”their own hard-earned Qian Duiqi” the house depreciation,the old owners “adults” action begins. They asked,”stop the sale price,check out or complete post!”In November 2nd,Longhu with representatives of the owners of Longhu company on behalf of negotiations due to failed negotiations place differences. Public opinion also did not support the old owners,many netizens accused them of “blockHouse pricesDown “,but a reporter to interview relatedLawPeople think that such rights,lack of legal basis.However,in the real estate market under control,the owners how to withstand market risks? This is a problem worth discussing. Director: substantially depreciate sales promotionRecently,the country ten,Real estate tax,the purchase of that role gradually,from the point of statistical data,since nearly 3 months,the Shanghai commercial housing supply area is still increasing,but the volume of chain growth is zero.Discount is the fastest way to enlarge the volume. China Youth Daily reporter visited recently found,in Shanghai,Jiading real estate Longhu City slash and green groups Qiu-xia square part Huxing only top and a one or two layer,availability of basic sales.Longhu real estate launched in October 19th 3 days of “rush in the East” promotion,in Soufangwang platform time-limited group purchase Shanghai,Hangzhou 3 estate 1000 suites,including the town market,prices after conversion from 17500 yuan / square meters straight down to about 14000 yuan / square meters.The same slash and Pudong sea scenic West Coast,the largest decline in the average price per square meter,drop 6000 yuan,and the green group Qiu-xia workshop,every square metre also fell as much as 4000 yuan. In addition to depreciate,near future home part of the event by the netizen exposure. “A price”,by giving a garage and avoid taxes,increase the margin of preference.Spend money to purchase in advance at the owners first,after “by developers feel cheated”.October’s final two weekend,the Institute and several sales offices,the old owners of collective protest,demanding “developers to an idea”,to stop the sale,some owners request return a house or to complete the post.Longhu real estate sales office staff at the time of response: “we can only act in accordance with the contract”,can not meet the requirements of the owner,”depreciate this is nothing,every family is such,but prices are down,but a good floor also has been family (owners choose to go in advance).” The government: “the market behavior,we will not interfere”Clutching the house the old owners,thought that the regulation only developers and housing intermediary in the winter,I never imagined that one can not live,it is oneself unexpectedly.”The house has not been built,suddenly hundreds of thousands of Yuan instantly vaporized”,in a 90 square meters small Huxing example,the number of residential,the owner of the house price in advance at least fall 200000 yuan,several major real estate old owners that developers for their own interests,so the price promotion,”is a fraud behavior”.An unnamed rights owners said: “we are not impede price,we are not the same as the new sales people have any contradiction,but developers can not so hard to price,we almost equal pay a down payment,interest is damaged.”Preferential measures equally controversial. In poly home owners forum,the old owners that,”we are all the same spent hard-earned money to buy the house,it (additional preferential conditions) for the old owner is extremely unfair.”In fact,the owners return a house for not only because prices plunge. In Longhu real estate owners and developers representations,a male owners said angrily,”you the contract does not perform to the more. You don’t talk to me about the contract.” The owner referred to did not perform the refers to the developers of the volume rate and nearby planning promise,aMicro-blogThe name “Jiading Longhu owners adults” Longhu owner revealed,legal action from 2011 March began,they believe that Longhu in the volume on a concept secretly,in a parking space and the proportion of housing quality are defective,then to depreciate considerably,so return a house.Thus,substantial price of real estate sales offices,occurred on the side of the new property buyers queuing emergency room,the other side of the old owners held a “protest against fraud” banner to require check-out scene. However,whether to return a house or the request for compensation,in the early contract have no corresponding provisions,legal basis is not enough.In fact,the owners protest event was not the first occurrence of price. In early 2008,in Shanghai,Hangzhou,Wuhan city such as Vanke check-out tide of the owners,because of in advance contract no price terms,can only be spent “customers appreciate the feelings,but its all businesses must follow the principles of the contract” response.”An early owner interests apparently suffered a loss,but the owners of the loss and the developers cut between the behavior is civil law said causality,is worthy of discussion.” Fudan University law school professor Duan Hou explains,from a legal basis,owners and developers in writing and signed by the legal procedures for the purchase contract,both parties shall be presumed to be “rational person”,a prediction and assume business risk the ability of the risk,including house prices or exchange value decreases the risk of.China Youth Daily reporter to call Shanghai Jiading District Housing andLandManagement Bureau,got the same answer,the Department staff said: “the price developers belongs to commercial activity,only when its prices rose more than 20%,we will be restricted,and on the decline limit has not received notice of the relevant provisions,so the current investigation thinks,the Jiading two event not illegal operation,the market behavior,we will not interfere.”In October 27th at the Shanghai City Hall routine press conference,Shanghai City Hall news spokesman Xu Wei said,according to the relevant state price managementLaws and regulations,commercial housing sales price is made and the purchase of real estate enterprises according to market supply demand relations agreed,at the same time,the real estate enterprises should also be in accordance with the provisions of the implementation of “one set of a standard”,clearly the price,accept supervision. If both parties have disputes,shall,according to the agreement negotiation,if the negotiation fails,can be resolved through legal channels. “The relevant functional departments will strengthen lawfully superintend,in violation of commercial housing price management provisions of the act will be investigated,safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of parties.” Legal experts: currently in the economic rational return periodThe owner whether should assume the housing depreciation risk,engaged in civil and commercial law study of Law School of Fudan University teachs Duan Kuang to think,at present economic rational regression of the period,the parties should be rational to consider their own interests and responsibilities.”Because when prices rise,the developers did not claim rescission of a contract,so that the owners in accordance with the new price to buy,then the same logic,the owners have the right to compensation adjustment.” Duan Kuang explains,when buying expensive person is integrated each respect condition,think worthwhile will buy. Today buy people think,this exactly,but in fact,there is also the problem whether house prices will continue to fall,this is essentially a personal discretion.However,Duan Kuang believes that if the developers have to guide or fraud and other violations,in the proof,can demand compensation.Recently,Shanghai city mayor Han Zheng to Shanghai to further implement the central housing market regulation policy expressed determination,”the next step in our attitude is resolute,will firmly implement the central policy measure of macroscopical adjusting control.”Regulation of afterburner,developers are able to unrestricted prices,analysts pointed out,developers in order to return the funds to depreciate considerably,in fact for the old owner,surrounding the property developers andThe second-hand houseMarket impact.China Youth Daily reporter investigated in Shanghai City optical transport road property intermediary street found recently,smaller real estate intermediary is two to three months without the second-hand housing transactions,mainly on some operation costRent a houseFee support.”Small property intermediary shut many,I also began to consider closing”,Shanghai China real estate manager Huang Jian told reporters,the impossible is the main reason for the buyer are in wait-and-see wait for the fall,while the secondary housing prices is not willing to let the owner.”China’s property market price fluctuations,the government plays an important role in it. This policy risks for owners is unfair,it should follow the laws relating to government policies to seek relief.” Duan Hou gives a greater space for discussion.The owner is the economic rationality,in the market behavior should bear the responsibility,but the risk system is necessary to complete the. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences researcher Professor Tang Jun recently in a city housing policy research,pointed out: “the government’s price control may lead to” negative assets “,is also the owners at the price decline still need according to the original price of mortgage repayment,which causes a lot of problems,need to rely on the overall housing policy adjustments and security.”Duan Hou said: “we can discuss,due to unpredictable policy and suffer a loss,in this case can claim to the government the problem.”For property buyers,Duan Hou said,”how to reduce the loss,or rely on the rational judgement,don’t chase,also do not chase down,in a rational and necessary principles and to make the purchase decision. The law is difficult to meet every person in every time,can only achieve a broad equity.”In November 6,Shanghai

In November 2nd,”financialInvestmentNewspaper “reporter to enter the three weir large church. Arch,flat road,trees,lined with vegetable. To about 1000 meters,the scenery suddenly disappear. Stop and look around,farmland weeds everywhere,in front ofPropertyCrowding,boomForest. In the construction of buildings in the distance has been built up into a crowded.On 2 kilometers,into the township. Weir weir on the square,hibiscus,rural community,garden,landscape,water dy court District weir on the people,Zhongnanhai,the East VillageFang WeiNice,Berlin River,water Shang Mingzhu and other projects and sales of lined. Ask,in the sale of source as “a one-time payment”,”property right certificate andLandCard,1 to 2 years “,in fact do QI project location for collective land,can not buy mortgage,not to property,as the housing of small property right. The only difference is that prices soared to more than 3000 yuan per square metre.Along the way,hand leaflets,in passing pedestrians for property buyers sales personnel everywhere. The center of the square,the sales staff in groups of three and four. On both sides of the road,development and sales,housing intermediary companies between the remaining pavement,for the vast majority of building materials,decoration dealers shop. Three Town real estate still hot,remarkable.Think that should buy a house,a housing intermediary in the roadside to reporter selling Furong landscape and the opening of New Oriental houses in Venice,and led the press to the sales department to understand the situation. Furong landscape project covers an area of 50 acres,two periods of development,the current one. Oriental Venice phase two phase three phase forming,in build,more than 1700 sets,the project covers an area of 150 acres. The two project by the East Rui group development. The sales staff said: are real estate,complete five cards,others after a year and a half to do Qi Shuang card. Even said Furong landscape land into state-owned land auction proceeds,mu 2200000. That is not the case. In Yang in community management office,a staff member said there is room to sell,and some very surprising: three weirs were almost all of the housing of small property right.Three weir resettlement point housing is publicly traded,shocking. Two weir village committee next,2 villagers and social settlements,housing is not yet finished,already began trading. A family has admitted,its housing for 3200 yuan / m2,turnover 2900 yuan / m2. According to informed sources,this is not exceptional,three weir resettlement housing can be traded.Three Town,development near buildings,sites and site,be,crowded. There were few people in the street,shops closed neglect. Even the town of uniform “Chuanximinju” building are lost in Anhui style.There are more than 20 years of hybrid rice seed production history of three Town,the county is an important production base,national Fung grain engineering base. Now the “rural towns,ecological water”,at least in a radius of 3 kilometers,and the house,rare crops.Voice: no no survival worryingIn three weir is a site,the reporter saw in the sand the international ecological farms of commercial real estate project. Statin Sha international ecological farm is involved in three weir land comprehensive control companies.Land circulation and land comprehensive control policy,in the implementation of the enterprise is involved in another map,operation process the existence of power rent-seeking,transferring land farmer’s right to know,right,how to protect the benefit of discourse right,three town land transfer and integrated remediation process many problems worth attention.”There is no contract,only to give a copy of the compensation standard.” Three weir village Zhang’s family of 5,five mus of farmland have been leased out. They found a decent contract,even the picture of compensation standard copy,read do not know where to go missing. At present,160 yuan per person per month transition costs,”double seven hundred” (700 kg of grain and 700 kilograms of wheat) of any failure to timely payment.Uncle Zhang 40 year old brother,curtilage base is also arranged,the housing has been removed,the placement of the housing has not yet completed,now in Pixian CountyRent a houseLive in. A few people,no land,no homestead,looking for odd jobs to earn a living. Later in life,education,health care,insurance and so on are unknown. Uncle Zhang said: “the town that here is the planning area,the village has its own homestead not to build new houses,even do not let the renovation.”"Purely to please people,artificial 50 each day.” Uncle Zhang told reporters,in the village land source stream ecology international farm,come nearly 3 years and no genuine agricultural industrialization dimensions to change manage,just about mu land,plant economic crops such as maize,chili,green beans,cowpea. “Who can tell,do more do more at a loss.”"Three weir village of more than 3000 people,more than 600 acres of land. The placement of the housing built up to 100 acres,and 500 acres,they can be used to repair the house to sell.” Uncle Zhang said: “thus acquired homestead building belongs to the property,to be sold,and the land of zero cost.” Uncle Zhang revealed,three weir all finishing in the homestead.Since ancient times,Wenjiang gold,silver Pixian. Uncle Zhang told reporters,three weir soil,water,land is planted what look,guaranteed. Here before is full of farmland,economic crop,vegetable seed rape soybeans,done.Cheng Jia ship village ray Ching Hai has 4 mus of farmland,in May last year by “double seven hundred” standard rent to the crown Xin company,crown Xin company will land leased to private. He said,the original kind of green onions,green onions give priority to,year income 349 no problem.”Land basically is shortage.” And the United States and fertilizer,large tracts of uncultivated,watching the heartache,ray Ching Hai in oneself doorway picked up five or six points belonging to the crown Xin wasteland “reclamation”,planted vegetables. The homestead area replacement construction area,the villagers upstairs driven operation method,ray Ching Hai very reluctant to leave before the courtyard. The crown Xin company’s management behavior,ray Ching Hai: not to regard it as right “agricultural industrialization,they (statin sand company,crown Xin Investment Company) that is in play.”"160 yuan transition costs,seven hundred double compensation is not paid on time.” The village villagers Qiu uncle already in circulation and land contract signed,but the related compensation does not reach the designated position,his reasoning without the door: “they don’t give,I can which to,are ignored,can not ah!”"Food,rice,oil,water,electricity for money,a daily average of less than six dollars,how to live!” Cheng Jia village boat 74 year-old Yang Jikang and his wife own land,transfer according to the “double seven hundred” payment standards,his annual 2000 yuan. He said,land turns out should buy the agency guarantor,but they are not buying.”They took the land to earn money.” Yang Jikang old man said: “here was our two didn’t move,Haruki also called our cadres. Say we accounted for,don’t sell well.”Saying: “all that” planning “has been fully handle the agency guarantor”With these questions,the reporter comes to three Town People’s government. Garden style town government office building is being renovated,the deputy secretary is in. At the staff under the guidance of the reporter found in charge of publicity,Li Xu of vice secretary.”There is no place to build a house,all in line with the planning.” On three weir overflow years of the housing of small property right and placement of housing sales,Li Xu deny,often bypassing the topic,and said that journalists do not believe you can goThe Department of HomelandDoor check. Asked about the three town land consolidation to involve many homestead,Li Xu repeatedly around the topic. He admitted three weir all villages do land comprehensive control,and must punish,but insist land comprehensive control does not exist in the course of commercial real estate and business phenomenon.”Vacate 400 mus of land,with the exception of the placement of the many mus 100,other enterprises with their own.” Li Xu “for example” explanation “,in addition to not repair the house to buy,the other can be dry. The company can put this into commodity house to sell.”"The farmer not to repair the house.” Li Xu said,”do not want to participate in land consolidation farmers,with the original homestead to repair. Do not violate the policy,not in charge.” The interpretation and the factual reasons behind,can make nothing of it.A reporter asked the three Town,there are several qualified real estate developers,Li Xu sidestepped the problem. On the East Rui group Venice and the East Furong landscape two in the sale of property,Li Xu explained: the information they can go to the Land Bureau check. Also known as the two,sale,can be found. But “part,in do the procedures,procedures,approval did not get”. Hibiscus landscape,itself is only 8 acres of land is the formalities at the. No 50 acres. 22 acres of land auction. A total of more than 30 acres of land. Said 50 acres that is blowing. Venice and the East Furong landscape are the same in nature. Procedures should not. “.” “No land card”. Said “may grant no hands”. Li Xu finally blurted out: “Furong landscape is the collective construction land.”The transfer of land after the interest of farmer,Li Xu said to have bonus. “Double seven hundred” land rent. Land consolidation,rural settlement after the remaining land,5%,by collective asset management company to operate,used to benefit farmers involved in land comprehensive control. Other land,engage in industrial management. But when a reporter asked for nearly three years,there is no real industrialization management,said: “the finishing not out.”"Social whole do” for farmers’ social security issue,Li Xu’s answer before and after the conflict,its loopholes appeared one after another. “Social security: twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan per person. He’s part of the burden to their own. Do not participate in land consolidation farmers have no social security,levy is. For example,Furong landscape projects related to farmers,their land farmer without social security.”Reporter Guo Hongxing Yan Zhengang intern reporter Jiang Luwei Li Huiyu