Xi’an market as this spring. According to Xi’an real estate information network,the Qingming Festival three days a total of 669 sets of Xi’an real estate transactions,business area of 57422.28 square meters,in 2011 year-on-year growth of 74.39%; wherein,ordinary residential property transactions in sets of 445,compared to the same period last year rose 95.12%.On the government regulation is not to relax under the big background,the property market is still showing a fluctuation in Xi’an in March picked up the trend,the Qingming Festival is Spring Festival is the first holiday,many developers took the opportunity to “Silver Four” off to a good start,also do the work. Xi’an real estate information network data research center data show: this year,Ching Ming holidays,a total of 669 sets of commercial housing transactions in Xi’an,were an area of 57422.28 square meters,an increase of 74.39%.In the face of a variety of preferential developers,some property buyers said: “the currentHouse pricesAlso did not fall below the psychological price,also want to wait. Shaanxi Province real estate seminar chairman Wang Shengxue said,no need for the houseHomeWho,at present the market rebound will play a certain mental stimulation,but as the market overall “warmer”,Xi’an developers are constantly recycling favourable strength,hand resulted in the market,the cancellation of the preferential treatment,stimulation of home buyers to purchase; to a trial purchase line.