Feng HainingNot long ago,the two telecom enterprise’s promise of “broadband speed reduction”,now in charge of the industry sector and expressing the same meaning,apparently,broadband speed reduction is achieved,but the public on speed up the price reduction is satisfactory,it remains to be seen. In short,the broadband constant speed reduction,conform with international stage by stage is a good thing,both for users to save on costs,can also change the telecommunication industry image.However,the next year broadband speed reduction but not worth exciting. The reason is very simple,so the speed reduction is not the hand of the market in advance,not consumers in advance,but the hand pushing. If there is noDevelopment and Reform CommissionOn telecommunication and Unicom an antitrust investigation,if there is no CCTV exposure antitrust investigations related enterprise shares fell,apparently does not have “broadband speed reduction” this commitment. Department of Public Works letterGate position to promote broadband speed reduction is not exciting. It is also the administrative hand in advance,is the market failure of refraction. In addition,the labor letter department as the telecommunication industry departments,ostensibly to promote broadband speed reduction the most suitable department,but we need to be aware of,telecommunications,China Unicom and other giants although belong toNational endowment appointHowever,once with the Ministry of industry and information technology that exists between the “blood relationship”,now also have all kinds of connections with business contacts.In the opinion of the author,although the government is a “night watchman”,administration hand move when this skill,but want to make broadband service and reasonable price return,can’t simply counting administration hand to push,the fair market price and services is to rationalize the best “pushing hands”.Therefore,although the Department in charge of Telecom and telecom enterprise commitment to “speed broadband price” welcome,but don’t expect too much. Because the telecommunications market by several giant monopoly pattern does not change,the market is not fully competitive circumstances,count on the Internet speed with international practice seems to be unrealistic; in monopoly enterprises with monopoly position to earn profit of high specified number of cases,reducing the fees it is difficult to have big movement.The labor letter department responsible person,in theInternetInformation services and access management,prevent enterprises abuse of a dominant market position. It sounds exciting,but think carefully,I am afraid it is difficult to achieve. “Antitrust law” have been introduced over the years,have not prevented the telecom enterprises abuse of a dominant market position,and once with a few large telecommunications giant has a “blood relationship” the labor letter department could act,questionable.A health fair,the telecommunication market,supposedly through fair competition to achieve a reasonable service and price,because the market is the best way to allocate resources. But from the related reports,the mainland prices in Hongkong is 469 times,is South Korea’s 29 times,while the broadband rate is only the world average of 1/3. Undoubtedly,breaking the monopoly,normative market is the broadband speed reduction of the effective force.Administration hand push broadband speed reduction,although there will be some effect,but has not received the desired results. In the opinion of the author,for the purpose of anti-monopoly administrative investigation and punishment,is the treatment of “broadband is not wide,broadband is too expensive” medicine,but still not the best medicine,only the resolution of several telecommunications giant and allow the other enterprises to fully participate in competition,and create a fair market environment,form a plurality of the competition,only is the plan of the effect a permanent cure.In addition to other administrative “pusher” be,even the telecommunications giant breather. Let people more gratified is,for Telecom and Unicom submitted rectification programme,hair change appoint clearly express dissatisfaction,demanding corrective rules,but,antitrust investigation did not cease. Look forward to the NDRC continue to investigate exactly,because an antitrust investigation than general administration to promote more effective.On the labor letter department,in addition to promote telecom enterprises to increase broadband construction investment,establishing relevant regulatory measures “False broadband”. Ministry of industry and information technology said,by the end of 2015,city family bandwidth will be 20Mbps,rural households will achieve 4Mbps bandwidth. This “broadband dream” and can not be achieved,actually the key depends on the market force,administration hand role is limited.