From the Mid Autumn Festival is less than half a month, with a strong festive atmosphere of the moon again dominated the mainstream counter business. This reporter recently visited found, compared to the previous packaging of mooncakes this year, give up high-end line, paperback mooncakes and gift box price first to occupy the market mainstream. In the background of moon cakes with private consumption based, lotus seed paste yellow, five Ren become mainstream this year moon cakes, abalone, bird’s nest, chocolate cake and other market hard to find.Is the moon cake sale busy season, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a document, to the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day public funds for mooncakes unwholesome tendencies. In the central give repeated orders and injunctions, ever was regarded as high-end gifts of moon cakes, has also been put on the market of low status, moon cake sales fell again in the last year the bleak, and even some brands have withdrawn from the market, the industry is expected to Guangzhou market overall market sales is 10% lower than last year, the sales price increase in the cost of the background next, reduced by 10%. Reporter noted that, although not to the Mid Autumn Festival moon cakes, but has begun to discount promotions, some shop and shop entities are not hot to discount promotions, and some shop moon cake price is 77% off of the original price.However, reporters also found, moon cakes did not disappear, but they take “curve saves the nation” has opened a new “battlefield”, in Micro message, electric and other new media platform to continue the “noble” to exist. Through Micro message public platform for sales of moon cakes in the minority, many merchants said can be customized, luxury gift custom groups.Sky high price of moon cakes “never ever meet again”There are less than half of the time from the traditional Festival Mid Autumn Festival, Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department recently again on “public funds to send moon cakes” showed the yellow card, and in its official website launched the “public funds to send moon cakes’ four wind ‘problem report window”. The news that the moon has once again become the annual hot words, also for this year’s moon cake market burst of cool wind blowing.To see the reporter recently in the city to visit, many stores for moon cakes to buy one get one, choudaijiang, eat mooncakes and other promotional activities, and luxury packaging, hundreds of moon cakes have been with the store, “never ever meet again”, this year’s moon cake price is still the continuation of last year’s “people first” line. Approaching Spring Festival, moon cakes have been essential character — on the shelves in the major shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, cake shop. 100 yuan parity moon’s best-selling, bulk ice skin, fruit taste moon cake is popular.The city into a supermarket, the reporter found, moon cake sales area is placed in a conspicuous place of the door, close to 100 square meters area to display a variety of brands of moon cakes, all kinds of brand, taste moon cakes were piled high up higher than the people in this region, several workers are still busy. Reporter observed in the next 5 minutes, found that although the play big promotional licensing, the moon area stop consumers are very few. A brand moon cakes sales personnel told reporters: “if you want to buy, I recommend you buy my house this gift, cheaper than last year nearly 30 yuan.”The reporters also found that, in previous years at four hundred or five hundred luxury mooncake yuan compared to most of this year, moon cake gift in one hundred or two hundred yuan. Cantonese style moon cake Guangzhou restaurant, fun Shannon, Tao Taoju He Ronghua and other brands have already been placed in a prominent position, 4 boxes of moon cakes in the 138~238 yuan. The same product prices compared to last year, flat or slightly, sales staff told reporters, but this year there is a significant change, like the “seven months”, “abalone moon cake”, “chocolate cake”, “bird’s nest” moon cakes, moon cakes significantly reduce the proportion of high priced.In the bread shop, the reporter found that the brand of mooncakes this year hit high-end series, fashion series, custom series three series, in addition to the “two big and eight small” high-end series of price in 388 yuan, fashion and custom series are civilians is the wind, the price from 168 yuan to 288 yuan.Chinese sugar bakery products industry association chairman Zhu Nianlin has pointed out, this year’s Mid Autumn Festival moon cakes or to China based. People can rest assured, this year prices compared with last year the gap. But because of the influence of group purchase reduced, this year’s Mid Autumn Festival moon cakes market consumption may be less than last year.Simple packaging to reduce the group purchaseFor out of favor “price” moon cakes, Zhu Nianlin said, this kind of moon cake production this year will continue to decline. Gift box of moon cakes prices will continue to show a downward trend in overall, packaging is simple, affordable brand moon cakes will become the mainstream products in the market, rational consumption has gradually become the trend, people is not expensive, but to high ratio of moon cakes.The annual Mid Autumn Festival Eve, every kind of exquisite packaging of moon cakes are to attract the attention of consumers, these moon cakes in the ingredients and not too much innovation, but on the outer packing, a doorway, often “wearing” high-end packaging, prices have gone up, but this year the moon cakes have become “makeup”.Reporters saw at the Huarun million Montevideo Road store, at present, the cakes on the market generally go to the battle-front without any burden, plastic bulk moon cakes the simplest is sold by weight, and the paper or tin gift is simple. And the moon luxury packaging mix fruit, wine, biscuits, chocolate or other decorations is little person make inquires.Reporters visited several supermarkets found, bulk moon cakes occupy no small share in the current moon area. Sales staff told reporters: “the moon cake gift box is one of general goods, supermarket customers are buying the bulk moon cakes, cheap price, but the bulk moon cake taste more than the gift box selection.”According to many supermarkets feedback information, the number of large group purchase moon cakes this year last year was only two. Some of the media reports, Guang Wei Lu express joint point revealed, received the group only 16 records, for storing ice cream moon cakes “pity expensive moon cake” ice reservations also. Responsible for store on duty told reporters, “moon group member this month is only 16, not Fabio, as in previous years.” Often the peripheral unit business group purchase single courier Chen told reporters, this year he received a hand cream cakes need “mid autumn ice” single a few luxury packaging delicate cakes, reduce the direct impact brought about by the courier fees low.The decrease in the number of group purchase, also have an impact on many Le Grand Large Hotel cakes sold. Several Le Grand Large Hotel launched mooncakes reservations are better than in previous years, fell into about three. It is understood, in government, institutions such as moon cakes “disappeared” after the purchase of large, medium-sized and small enterprises has become a large source of moon cake market. Many enterprises procurement sources, the Mid Autumn Festival moon cakes to send is still one of the benefits of enterprise.The Internet to buy mooncakes more cheapCompared with the supermarket with yellow promotional logo, electric business platform the moon cake promotion war seem more “stimulus”. In Jingdong mall, reporters through the keyword search to 17525 together with the related products, including the traditional ones, such as Fujin, China and the United States, Silang, Ganso, Daoxiang village and many other brands, are on the list.In the same Tmall mall, traditional cakes have a “shock” started the “hundred regiments”, Kim Gu, godly, Tsui Heung Yuen heshengyuan Xiang moon cakes and other brands also opened the official flagship store. In the original life network, famous brand moon cakes such as Guangzhou restaurant, Yuen Long, Taiwan ronghua Xia Bai have been quietly on the line, also sold well.In Taobao, reporters found in the sales charts is a traditional old brand moon cakes, 600 grams of moon cake gift box price 168 yuan, only 39.9 yuan at current prices. Although each purchase of 20 pieces, but still created a staggering sales record. Reporter discovery, the monthly sales volume has reached more than 3 pieces.In an interview with the reporter found, different from the traditional way of sales, online shopping cakes into many young people choice, saving time and labor is an important reason why they choose online shopping. “Now is to send people to buy moon cake gift box, online shopping after delivery personnel directly in accordance with the address to go home, so we go again, so save a lot of time and can express the mind.” A recent graduate of Mr. Wu told reporters, “moon cakes and online shopping, large selection range a lot, a lot of new flavors to choose from, both gifts or on your own, are more suitable for young people.”New media into a new battle moon cakesAlthough online cakes mostly cheaper than entity shop, but the reporter still noted, there are a few of the sky high price of moon cakes sold in through the network. For example, a “luxury moon cake gift box” in Jingdong website price is as high as 1880 yuan, while another name “people first” moon cakes, still can be purchased.Through the search, the reporter found that the Micro message public platform for sales of moon cakes in the minority, many merchants said can be customized, luxury gift custom groups. The reporter searchs discovery on the Micro message subscription number, contains “moon cakes” certified public platform number ten.A display in Micro message public platform sales of moon cake gift card business, its sales have $2188 gift card, which comprises a box of moon cakes, a hairy crabs coupons, olive oil, seafood and tea.According to the merchants, the gift cards are good, in addition to credit card payment remittance, also can pay by Alipay, if necessary, conference fees, office supplies and other invoices can also help solve. The merchant also said, after the purchase without the express, the direct use of text messages to account, password sent in the past, can the electronic ticket, can exchange on the Internet alone, “which is not only convenient and safe”.Southern Daily reporter Zhou ZhaoThe new PK traditional Cantonese style moon cakes, moon cakesOnce a year the Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, the market has been the emergence of western style cakes, every kind of. With the continuous business and brand, coupled with the consumer demand, moon cakes taste, packaging, and prices are very different, a quite “squandering charming eyes” trend.In general, the moon cake is divided into “new world” and the “old world” two camps, the traditional moon cakes including Beijing type moon cake, moon cake, Su style moon cakes, moon, yunnan. Ice skin moon cakes, moon cakes, moon cakes, pictographic Mini creative mooncakes are new moon cake. Traditional mooncakes has irreplaceable position in the heart of the people, the new moon cake with its stylish appearance and unique taste won the favour of young people. The new moon cakes and traditional Cantonese style moon cake PK, two kinds of moon cakes to Each one has his good points., go halves on a fifty-fifty basis, Is it right? Let you feel unable to start, as if suffering from commodity obsessive-compulsive disorder.For many people, the traditional moon cakes for having heard it many times, but the new moon cake more represents an innovative and creative. In the traditional moon cakes and new moon in your PK, which belong to the camp?The traditional Cantonese moon cakeFrom the Mid Autumn Festival although there are nearly a month, “Guangdong manufacturing” moon cakes have been introduced. Cantonese style moon cakes by Chinese welcome, divided into salty, sweet two kinds. The selection of moon cake fillings is very broad, except with lotus seed, almond, peach kernel, sesame, Terminalia fruit material, also the salted egg yolk, roast pork, roasted goose, mushrooms, meat, ice sugar gourd, small shrimp cake, orange peel, lemon, barrel leaves up to twenty or thirty kinds of raw materials, in recent years developed to use pineapple, durian, bananas and other fruits, abalone, shark’s fin, and even the use of crocodile meat, scallops, more expensive raw materials. Cantonese style moon cakes are native to Guangzhou, Guangdong, Hongkong, Shanghai and other places have production. Using wheat flour, transformed syrup, vegetable oil, alkaline made cake skin, the stuffing, forming, brush egg processing of a delicate cakes.Lotus seed paste mooncakeRepresentative of Cantonese style moon cake is the lotus seed paste mooncakes with egg yolk. Lian Rong moon cake originally from the floor as a pastry sale, welcomed by the citizens of Guangzhou, Guangzhou restaurant, Tao Taoju restaurant, bakery to imitate mooncake production method, after several generations of hard work, now the Cantonese style mooncake become the popular varieties of moon cakes in the.Lian Rong moon cake varieties are pure lotus Rong Yue, Lan Renlian Rong and egg yolk, yellow, yellow, four Huang Lian Rong month etc.. Pie filling materials is very important, should choose those made of lotus seed, prepared with golden color, smooth delicate fragrance, shape rich, fresh sweet cakes. Authentic mooncake with microdermabrasion pure chains do stuffing as raw material, the lotus seed paste with a natural fragrance, the feeling of tongue very slippery.Olive nut moon-cakeOne of the “five Jen moon out of” micro-blog talk last year to five Ren moon cakes at the show, have no equal, despite many consumers to abandon, but the five Jen moon as the traditional moon cake is one of the most classic status has not yet shaken. In fact, it is one of the traditional Chinese cakes, which belongs to one kind of Cantonese style moon cakes, the most famous in all kinds of moon cakes in the mid autumn festival. It has the exquisite ingredients, thin filling, taste delicious, not easily broken, convenient portability. This kind of moon cakes, a drum, side drum out slightly, patterns and clear handwriting, shape correct, do not break the skin, do not let the cat out of the bag, the corner edge is clear; the bottom surface of ivory, red brown; taste sweet, soft with crisp, have a variety of nuts fragrance.Red bean paste cakeCantonese style moon cake is divided into salty, sweet two kinds big, and red bean paste cake is a long history of the classic. “Health and southern red beans”, eating beans old – who has special feelings of red bean paste, today, many old not only love to eat red bean paste cakes, even like DIY red bean paste cake. Cantonese style moon cake stuffing has the characteristics of high oil and sugar, the less water, broad bean paste cakes and delicate taste, eat up more crisp and refreshing, with are not much, if any fragrance, unique flavor, let people eat not tire 100.The new moonTraditional moon cakes to the main round, as a month of Italy, the main difference lies in the different fillings, the new moon shapes, no longer limited to Wuren, bean paste, jujube paste and other common fillings, but the ice cream, tea, soup and some other less common fillings into the crust, the most attractive is brought to us is not the same the Mid Autumn Festival experience.Ice cream cakeIce cream cake refers to the cream filling mooncakes, cool taste, widely loved by the people. Ice cream cake at the technical level completely break the traditional moon cake baking, “ice” instead of “fire” baking, the western style ice cream into the Chinese moon cakes. On behalf of the brand has a Haagen Dazs, BaXi, excellent snow products etc..In fact, ice cream cake is the moon cake shape of ice cream, beautiful color, taste. But with a lot of cream, trans fats, ice cream moon cake is not very healthy, total quantity of heat is very high. The weather turns cold, the physique weak, spleen deficiency of people, should not choose this kind of moon cakes.Tea cakesChinese who love tea, tea culture in south of the Five Ridges, is an indispensable part of our daily life. Tea cakes, moon cakes to add on the basis of tea powder and tea made by a special process to produce the Mid Autumn Festival food. The biggest feature is the “traditional fashion, delicious and healthy”, is characteristic of tea powder and surface, with oil instead of the ordinary salad oil filling, the filling and adding crushed tea. According to the filling into the tea kind of different, can be divided into the following several flavors: Green Tea, Tieguanyin, Pu’er Tea, Black Tea, Oolong Tea, tea etc.. And the same can tea and different stuffing mix, so as to produce suitable for all kinds of taste of tea cakes.Coconut milk cakesUse hot water to melt into the rock sugar syrup, add coconut milk, evaporated milk mix, fish powder and frozen whole fish glue and then hot water, stir to dissolve completely patience, then mix has been well Coconut Juice, with coconut milk and sesame oil stir well, pour into the mold in clothes to solidification, one of the most simple and sweet smooth coconut milk cakes made. Coconut milk cakes usually with fresh Coconut Juice, evaporated milk and fruit fillings made, sugar content, relatively low oil content, taste sweet, rich coconut flavor, entrance Liuxiang cheek teeth. A moist, Jianwei, beauty function, by female consumers of all ages.Southern Daily reporter Zhou ZhaoCrown Mario France Brittany frankincense to your homeTo the romantic fashion are known for France, has a long history and modern civilization. Not only has the world’s top fashion and perfume, more fascinating and full of exquisite delicious desserts and French bakery. Mid Autumn Festival this year, our local consumers will be able to at the crown Mario cakes to taste the authentic flavor of brittany.This year marks the 50 anniversary of diplomatic ties between China and France, recently, Guangzhou City crown Mario Food Co., Ltd. to Brittany in France held the French food culture festival. As an important part of the food culture festival, crown, Mario and Brittany Association held a strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony.General manager Huang Zhenqiang crown Mario Food Co., Ltd., Brittany is France’s largest, most high-quality dairy producing areas, butter, cream and cheese and other dairy products has the world’s top, also introduced the first ranch automatic management system and the milking robot, can better control the quality of products, grasp the source and production safety standards for dairy products. Therefore, the crown, Mario working directly with the Breton milk area, become the Guangdong area first introduce France Brittany cream company, and through the introduction of a series of French baking and food products, let people eat more healthy, more delicious food.The French food culture festival activities on the day of the rich, not only the crown, Mario 2014 new moon show and enjoy free of charge, and French chefs on-site production of a variety of romantic French dessert, French wine taster scene on Wine culture and French cuisine chefs on-site demonstration law meal production. In the most exciting part of the draw, a total of 2 guests to obtain “Brittany high-quality natural pasture experience tour”.It is reported, the next 6 months, the crown, Mario will continue to host a series of Food cultural activities, share the French Brittany natural dairy delicious and the vast number of consumers, so that the people of Guangzhou will be at home to zero distance contact to exotic French culture and characteristic beautiful meal.Zhou ZhaoSponsor Link:lifting socket scaffolding accessories lifting loop

If what Jeans Popular this year, we will not hesitate to tell you: break. To be cast aside by her boyfriend, parents, supercilious look of ripped jeans, is very IN.Unfortunately, because of leg type MM people have their differences, not all of the hole Doupode be just perfect, especially those Internet amoy. What am I gonna do? You do it, what is difficult.Don’t say: “as long as a pair of scissors.” We can not Qi chopped chopped a crazy. The so-called professional hole is to like accidentally fell. Today, we’ll teach you, how to put a hole like wrestling wrestling.Preparation of materials: scissors, a grinding stone feet, jeansStep1: the one you want to hole out in jeans, take scissors to cut open a hole, the size of their grasp.Step2: in this hole at 1cm above, then cut a small knife.Step3: get a grinding stone feet rubbed to rub back and forth, the two times the fine white, broken hand. In this way, a hole is complete. According to this method, the hole in your jeans, the one and only for your own custom made a hole in jeans!Text / photo / video of Zhu Yinling Ma YanSponsor Link:cast in ferrules swivel coupler lifting loop

According to the British Reuters reported on August 27th, recently, USA Texas a couple with their children in the nursery staff bundled by sleep and sued the nursery.According to reports, the couple’s children 2 years old this year, because of his mischievous does not rest on time by staff forcibly bundled in sleeping mat. Parents see this scene was very sad, because they are very trust to send their children to nursery, how children suffered such treatment. The parents, this is a nightmare, so small children, he also will not express their feelings.It is reported, this thing was a hired the nursery prior notification of parents, he will be sent photos of children tied to the couple, and that their child is one of the two children on the day of punishment.Sponsor Link:lifting anchor halfen frimeda

According to the French “Paris daily” reported in August 27th, 4 America students developed a new type of nail polish, can be used to detect the drinks in the presence of dfsa.Reported that, using the method of the nail polish is very simple, the finger in the cup, a light touch, if the nail color change indicates the presence of contraband. At present, the identification method can detect the Mijian drugs including Mijian water GHB, flunitrazepam and outlaws used xanax.It is reported, this the name is “undercover” (Undercover Colors) nail polish researchers were 4 young students Department of materials engineering at North Carolina State University graduate, they in the competition won 11000 dollars (about 67600 yuan) bonus.Reportedly, the White House a data display, 1/5 of the women in the University have been victims of sexual assault, but only 12% of the charges. At present, “undercover” has many supporters. Authorities in North Carolina said to encourage these students to continue this research, and to provide them with a laboratory for testing products. But this new type of nail polish when coming to market at present also can make nothing of it. (Intern compilation: Li Yu review: Wang Lilan)Sponsor Link:halfen channel scaffolding accessories ferrule insert

Interference lock shielding of reporter Ding Qigang perturbationReport from our correspondent (reporter Zhai Lanlan Ding Qigang correspondent) every time after locking the vehicle, you have to pull the door to confirm whether the lock? Many owners don’t have this habit. Because of this, the two thieves rely on from a shielding device online to buy, just 20 days time, frequent crime, theft of owners of property nearly 100000 yuan. Reporters yesterday from the district police was informed, the thief he Mou, Wang Mou is arrested, and detained by criminal.Signal shielding device is Wang Mou, online shopping, it is a two antenna with small black rectangular black box, can interfere with the owners to lock the door, let the owners think locked the door, Wang Mou the successful implementation of remote control door shield owner, he is responsible for the lookout, Hemou responsible for the theft of property. Since August this year, He Mou, Wang Mou has to flee to Hongshan square, in the subway station along the road south, around the parking lot, the number ten car of high-grade cigarettes, liquor, apple mobile phone, platinum diamond ring, worth nearly 100000 yuan.The afternoon of August 24th, He Mou, Wang Mou is evergreen garden station near the police arrested.Sponsor Link:halfen channel scaffolding clamps lifting insert

Recently, a Italy man was arrested for minor crimes, he not only don’t resist, also called the police to put him into prison, he said, to go to jail rather than at home and wife quarrel all day.The 37 year old Italy man living in Rome, is the father of three children, he said “life in prison than at home”. Local media reports said, man’s neighbors often see him and Mrs. dispute, Dadanaonao often to police intervention to solve.Although the guilty man is the misdemeanor, was sentenced to 3 months in prison, but the police came to arrest, he immediately said: “put me in prison, otherwise the results will be more miserable!” Police in Rome to understand the situation, the men’s wish, put him in a prison near Rome.Italy media reported, at the beginning of this year, a 32 year old man for drug dealing in Tuscany, home was arrested by the police, but also sent to jail, let him escape from the clutches of Mrs. “”.Zong He.Sponsor Link:lifting clutches scaffolding accessories lifting insert

Genuine price 310 yuan / branch, the Internet Chanel lipstick is only 19 yuan / branch! These super low international famous brand of cosmetics are fake and shoddy goods. 28, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the notice says, cosmetics major cases since 2014 the national food and drug supervision system and the amount of money involved super tens of millions of dollars of 8 parts, one part case involving a value exceeding 100 million yuan. Fake cosmetics are more concentrated in the higher priced brands such as: L’Oreal, Dior, Estee Lauder, Chanel, Lancome, GUCCI etc.. The Administration warned consumers not to rely on the Internet, false propaganda, the so-called low discount promotion brand cosmetics, not to the unreasonable low price buy famous brand of cosmetics through the network, so as not to be deceived, damage to health.Cheap brand products are fakeAccording to introduction, many online ultra low price sales of cosmetics are fake products, 28, the State Food and drug administration has given them a major — a case study of Jiangsu “8 ยท 29″ the manufacture and sale of fake international brands of cosmetics case, the suspect opened retail cosmetics in Taobao online shop, from Guangzhou and other places to low price Chanel multiple purchase, L’Oreal and other international well-known cosmetics brand in the online sales. Shop sales of Chanel lipstick is only 19 yuan each, while the genuine market price is 310 yuan, net inn sells for less than the price of genuine 1/10. According to investigation, the case involving counterfeit cosmetics have been sold to the country more than 20 provinces (area, city).In fact, multi platform online sales of counterfeit famous brand of cosmetics is not new. In March this year, CCTV “economic half-hour” column had exposure and Amazon sales of international brands of cosmetics is not from the formal channels, and even the emergence of fake. The statistical data of 2013 2012 online shopping Chinese Consumers Association released, net selling cosmetics goods flooding. Reporters from the Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center was informed that, according to the center monitoring data shows, compared to the total number of the number of sales in the domestic Internet based cosmetics suppliers and actual sales, about two more than cosmetic is fake. Genuine, authentic is still hot user attention, every 10 consumers in 9 people for cosmetics false issues question.Be wary of electric false propagandaThe 28 day, the reporter saw in the Taobao, Le Feng, Jumei Youpin electric business platform, 70 percent off, 60 percent off can buy Lancome moisturizing package, 100 yuan can buy shopping malls counters in the price of five hundred or six hundred yuan international major suit cosmetics. Prior to this, including Estee Lauder, Clinique, Lancome, L’Occitane, Benefit and other international well-known cosmetic brand said to the media, they did not authorize the Jollibee, Taobao, Jingdong, Amazon sells its products, products sold by the problems of brand will not bear any responsibility. Estee Lauder Chinese statement, the current sales in the electric field only contains the Estee Lauder website, Sephora (Sephora) website, the remaining channels are the unauthorized illegal sales.28, the State Food and drug administration also points out, through analyzing the recent investigation found that cosmetics major cases, criminals opened cosmetics stores in Taobao online, with extremely low price less than 1 yuan or a few yuan, purchased the packing height simulation of counterfeit famous brand of cosmetics in the cosmetics manufacturing dens, in line with genuine a large discount prices on general sale. Fake cosmetics are more concentrated in the higher priced brands, such as: L’Oreal, Dior, Estee Lauder, Chanel, Lancome, GUCCI etc..The Administration warned consumers not to rely on the Internet, false propaganda, the so-called low discount promotion brand cosmetics, not to the unreasonable low price buy famous brand of cosmetics through the network, so as not to be deceived, damage to health. And suggested that consumers found a similar sales of Cosmetics Act, should be timely complaints to the food and Drug Administration report. The food and drug supervision department will timely investigation, making and selling fake cosmetics to crack down on violations. Southern daily dispatch (reporter / Ou Zhikui)Sponsor Link:halfen channel ledger blade ferrule insert

Next week, the calendar will be over by September. We have found that many seasonal transition information, for example, has withered lotus, and just blooming osmanthus and Equinox flower.End of AugustSeptember and August are quite different, for example, from the beginning of September, we will bid farewell to the summer heat, farewell, arrived in late September, but also ushered in the meteorological sense of autumn. If you still think this August’s coolness not violent, so, the upcoming September, cool feeling of a day is rich.In August this year, the rain was very diligent, rain in the cool, let this summer is not very hot. Perhaps because the summer is too cool, attention to integrity, than last year so strong.In August, filled with joy. The children put down the book, without the burden of learning, doing the things they like, playing the long lost childhood games. Those with parents separated children can also take advantage of the summer reunion together, enjoy the long-awaited love.In August, full of vitality. The beautiful sunny morning, many love sports people get up early, playing, running in the park, exercise. Night, old and young, a few are in the park, walking, dancing, playing Wannao, passion. As long as the body is good, life would have no trouble, vibrant life every day, also have the power.September – “autumn var”As the saying goes: spring fever, lack autumn, summer nap, it seems every season to nap excuse. The weather is hot to cold, fatigue, a lot of people are lazy, or “autumn var”.”The lack of autumn” is a protective response compensation summer human extraordinary consumption, is also the body to be a protective measure of recovery in the autumn and adapt to the environment, after a period of adjustment, “autumn lack” will come very naturally to eliminate. However, in order to does not affect the work and life, should take corresponding measures.To adapt to and resolve the “autumn lack”, sleeping and eating is important. To ensure adequate sleep, to wake up early in the morning, and at noon the best appropriate nap; to maintain a healthy diet, eat more alkaline foods acidic substances can produce and muscle fatigue, such as tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, grapes and pears, etc., these foods help eliminate fatigue. In addition, much to the outdoors, the Sun Qin, appropriate to do some aerobic exercise, will help you boost the spirit.Sponsor Link:cast in ferrules BFD coupler pfeifer VS box

Next week, the most congested month — in September and began. Yesterday afternoon, the city traffic Commission issued the first warning, said in September this year is likely to be a September most plugging in recent four years, working day rush hour traffic index or up to 7.1, in a moderate congestion level. In September 1st, 4 days, 5 days, 15 days, 22 days, 26 days, 28 days, 29 days, 30 days 9 key congestion is expected to be severe congestion, become “plugging in the most”.In order to cope with the most in September, the city will launch a series of new measures to slow plugging, and strive to achieve the “September public transport passenger volume grew 3%, working day average traffic index control in 7″ target.Plugging, analysisThe wall calendar year September travel time doubledThe city traffic Commission relevant responsible person said, in recent years, each year in September, the new school year, Mid Autumn Festival, National Day activities, large commercial discount promotions frequently, visiting friends and relatives increase in tourism, National Day holidays highway free minibus tolls and other factors together, resulting in increased traffic congestion.According to the statistics of Traffic Management Bureau, in the recent three years, in September the Fifth Ring Road Road vehicles to 2363000 vehicles daily, September road traffic will be 4.1% higher than the annual average.It is reported, from 2010 to 2013 September traffic index reached 7.6, 5.8, 6.4 and 6.6, the highest value for each year, compared with annual average index higher than 20%. In September this year is expected to work day rush hour traffic index could reach 7.1, a moderate congestion level. Members of the public a trip that requires more than usual to spend 0.8 to 1 times.The city traffic commission to explain the relevant person in charge, in 2010 the city traffic condition is relatively weak, the end of the year introduced 28 slow plugging measures. Second years, the traffic situation improved obviously. But each year will increase to 240000 the number of motor vehicles is still around, so the road congestion index rising. From the beginning of this year, the number of small passenger car configuration index fell to 150000. With the development of public transport, the index may drop. However, a few years ago accumulated traffic will put pressure on the road this year.Blocking forecastingThe Mid Autumn Festival will be opened the first week of superposition blockStarting from the first day of September, “plugging” will be in the city spread. Traffic department said, in September 1st opening day, falls on Monday morning peak and tail number 4, 9 limit line, around the campus and trunk road congestion is particularly prominent.This week, Thursday and Friday evening peak will also face the threat of plugging. The city traffic Commission said, by the Mid Autumn Festival travel frequently and opening the first week of overlapping factors, is expected in the first week of September will be the most plugging a week.Next, congestion will also continue to rage. In September 15th, and the 22 day morning peak, 26 day, 29 day and 30 day morning and evening peak is predicted to be the most plugging. Among them, September 28th may be the best blocking day. The day is not limited to working day, traffic index could reach more than 9.Plugging and regionalSchool shopping trip four regional blockageAround the campus and the main roadThe North Fourth Ring Zhongguancun bridge area, the west city of Victoria Zhengyang bridge area; Lotus Bridge District, Hangtianqiao District, West Sanhuan; Fuxing Road in Yongding road junction, the peace around the campus street factory bridge junction, Old Summer Palace West Nongda junctions and other areas are concentrated, as early as the peak will be severe congestion.Venues around to organize large-scale activitiesThe Workers Stadium, the National Tennis Center, master sports center, the capital gymnasium, Sanyuanqiao old state fair will be held, the game venues such as concerts and fairs and other activities, the surrounding road traffic pressure.Tourist attractions and highwayThe Mid Autumn Festival holiday and weekend drive travel is more concentrated, Beijing Tibet, Beijing, Beijing high-speed pass, may appear congestion.Values and wholesale markets aroundWeekend and holiday Xinfadi market, Tian Cun Lu, Yuquanying beautiful land south of cold storage, four crossing area, Muxiyuan area and business district, North District, Dajiaoting Joy City Xidan, Chongwenmen business circle around the road will appear congestion. Houhai, Sanlitun, blue bay and lots of night is also easy to jam.Plugging and responseThe highest level ground to start on the wallIn order to deal with the most in September, Beijing said that the traffic control department, every night will be on the next day after peak traffic prediction, according to the actual road, adjust the second day police post setting.In the 9 key days, the traffic control department in the highest level ground project launched in the city. In case of congestion, serious congestion, traffic control departments will be implemented in the two or three loop exit cross release, balanced regional and main road traffic flow. Once encountered bad weather, unexpected events or on traffic has a significant impact on activities such as, will at any time according to the highest level ground, to comprehensively strengthen the maintenance dredging.Morning and evening peak and during the holiday season, a police helicopter will collect all kinds of information from the air, to ensure that the command center can find pavement special circumstances in the shortest time.East Street will be designated bus lanesThis week, East Street extension, new bus lane put into use. The middle of this month, Zizhuyuan Road tide Lane will be opened. In addition, construction and transportation departments will also promote Jingkaigaosu highway, West 3rd Ring Rd setting bus lane.In the case of large passenger flow, the subway line will be timely added linke. Line 8 days flat peak period trains between 7 reduced to 6 points, more trains to 33. Line No. 6 evening peak minimum operation interval of 3 minutes duration increased to 1 hours.QiaoBei Railway Station bus bay widen GardenIn September, the garden of QiaoBei Railway Station (inner, outer ring) bus bay widened 10 dredging projects completed, a number of the old block will disappear. At the same time, the South Sanhuan first to the Grand Canyon, front of the road widening transformation, 20 South Fourth Ring Dahongmen bridge U-turn lanes dredging engineering will start construction.City Department of transportation will be launched green travel advice to all citizens, leading cadres to drive less, take the lead in using public transport. In September 22nd, the Department of transportation will also be designated car free zone.Sanitation cleaning, landscaping, road maintenance vehicles and engineering vehicles peak period (7 to 9, 17 to 20) in principle not allowed on the job.Meng Huan of our newspaper reporter at J147 J060Sponsor ringlock scaffolding pfeifer VS box

Raw material: sirloin, potatoes, tomato, carrot, ginger, onions, salt, soy sauce, cooking wine, pepper, coriander.Production methods: the beef bubble water, to remove blood, wash cuts. Put the pot of water, put beef, Cheuk fish out of water, ginger slices, spring onion cut. Pot put appropriate amount of water, the boiled beef into, put ginger, spring onion, add a little cooking wine, soy sauce, after the fire to boil, turn a small fire stew for thirty minutes. At this time, potatoes and carrots, peeled diced tomato and diced. After half an hour into the half of the tomato, all add potatoes and carrots, continue to stew. Half an hour after the rest of the tomato into. Continue to stew 10 minutes. Add a little salt and pepper. Then, when they drink put coriander embellishment.Zhang BirongSponsor scaffolding clamps steel chamfer