Southern daily dispatch (reporter / Zhang Jun correspondent / Xu Zhaoke) “Comrade police, my brother taking drugs, I hope you can help him to quit drug addiction.” Recently, a public clock because brother Zhong Mou Hong drug addiction, can not bear to brother again, then to the fresh District Public Security Bureau Taiping police station reported, hope that the police will elder brother “to justice”.It is understood, Zhong and his brother Zhong Hong Taipingzhen people fresh area, early brothers partnership in the local to undertake the project to make a living, live is moist. A few years ago, Zhong Hong for gambling owe a huge debt, although in the family with the help of the gradually pay off debts, but my brother is therefore unable to get up after a fall, and began taking drugs.Now the brother Zhong Mou Hong has not been able to kick the habit, the body is getting worse, and even sometimes hallucinations, brandished a knife and a serious threat to family flurry, family security, brother Zhong Mou feel very heartache. After a fierce ideological struggle, my brother and his family together and decided, on the afternoon of October 26th to the Taiping police station report brother drug violations. On the same day, Zhong Hong suspected drugs by Taiping police station shall send the compulsory isolation detoxification.

Citizens Ms. Yang online shopping for a water heater, confirmed the existence of quality problems during installation. The seemingly simple return procedures, but because electric insisted she will request to send them back to the manufacturers of the products has been delayed. Now, pfeifer VS box the problem is still placed in her home water heater.Online shopping water heater also useless discovered a problemMs. Yang Yubei home of two. In October 24th, her place an order new water heater ordered a certain brand in a large electric business website.The new water heater, until October 30th to home. Ms. Yang also afterwards just know, water heater is directly from the manufacturer in Beijing transfer of goods, so the delay time.31, the installation of water heater belongs to the master brand door installation. However, the installation of water heaters can not be normal after ignition! Several attempts are not after ignition, installation and teardown inspection field Master, see a problem — water heater is one of the most important parts of the broken, even if the replacement is also possible hidden safety problems, therefore, the installation of the master recommended Ms. Yang to return or replacement of the entire machine.Ms. Yang hands a issued by the manufacturers of the online shopping square “product quality appraisal report” confirms the installation master argument.Promised to return but let consumers own mailLater, Ms. Yang Electric promised return requirements, but in November 1st, electric sent a message, let the young lady to take the water heater problems post to the manufacturers.”It is received the products in question, why should we consumers own mail, to pay for return shipping?” Ms. Yang puzzled. She therefore several times to communicate with the business customer service, but the other side has always insisted, the reason given is “the water heater is composed of a factory direct delivery, should be sent back by customers manufacturers”.Ms. Yang think, electric business should take the initiative door-to-door to recover the problem products. “Now always feel they are trading, while the water heater has been placed in my home, the delay can not enter the return flow.”On rights micro-blog businesses finally agreed to return the doorDue to repeated and electric communication failed, Ms. Yang will own encounter in the micro-blog, at the same time adults through micro-blog. Yesterday, she was introduced to the Chongqing morning news reporter said, micro-blog after the release, has obtained the manufacturers and business concerns, their staff were also called her back, negotiation the initiative door-to-door water heater problems things.However, it was not until yesterday afternoon before the time, still nobody home commitments.”>Depth >Online shopping consumer law how to return to see the new regulationsThe new law of karma in March 15th this year began formal implementation, for online shopping, return and return to bear the freight made a clear request.The new consumer protection law twenty-fifth stipulation: operators sell goods by network, TV, telephone, mail order (except for special specification), the consumers have the right to return within 7 days since the day of receipt of goods, and there is no need to explain the reason for.As for the return postage, new wave law stipulates two kinds of situations. One, the unconditional return of consumers online shopping goods, returned merchandise freight borne by consumers (operators and consumers agree otherwise in accordance with the contract); second, if it is for the operators to provide goods or services does not meet the quality requirements of return, caused by the replacement, repair, by the operator (the seller) to take the necessary expenses such as freight. Chongqing morning news reporter Lu Yu Intern Chen Jianming reported

“Double eleven” approaches, in addition to the businessman, scaffolding clamps the related industries are also in preparation for. Yesterday, the State Post Bureau forecast this year “double eleven” cargo volume grew into 5, 1200000 couriers to prepare for the “double eleven”. And the insurance company expects freight insurance daily processing capacity will be more than 100000000, the number is thousands of times a small and medium-sized companies daily treatment policy.For the upcoming “double eleven”, the national postal bureau deputy director Liu Jun said yesterday, is expected in November 10th this year to November 17th express gross will break through 500000000, than the same period last year rose nearly 5 into. According to such a development trend, is expected to peak in 12 days, 13 days, the volume of business to break through 90000000, grow 40% compared to the same period last year. To deal with the “double eleven” the courier company and re recruit about 200000 couriers. Express company expanded transfer center more than 100, increase the working site of nearly 1900000 square metres, the new mainline vehicles more than 12000 units. “Double eleven” has also increased the express special cargo line more than 40, cooperative flights of more than 200, the Beijing Shanghai, Beijing Guangzhou, including Shanghai and Shenzhen Daily 3 to 6 times High-speed Rail in shipping express.”Double eleven” and freight related insurance will also enter the buying peak. According to the Internet insurance Xiaoshan online introduction, “double eleven” main insurance including return freight insurance, ginseng poly insurance, pay treasure account security risks, liquidity loan guarantee insurance. According to the prediction: “double eleven” that day, is likely to usher in a hundred million insurance policy, namely the daily processing volume 30 times. Billions of policy scale, equivalent to the general small and medium-sized companies, thousands of times. J004

Daily graphic Liu YingzhiHome and Lin Fengjun (a pseudonym) is a sophomore in high school, he love a thing with this class of female students, ledger blade in the entire grade is an open secret. The teacher in charge in order not to affect the two student achievement, lifting loop specially will communicate the matter with the parents, and hope that parents can make peace on the matter with Lin Fengjun and communication. But let the class teacher unexpectedly, parents actually said, on their son puppy love things did not oppose, hoping to develop the son of responsibility and sense of independence, become a man as soon as possible, as long as it does not affect performance on the line. For parents approve of children puppy love is correct this topic, triggered controversy.  New parents agree with his son puppy loveYesterday, Lin Fengjun told reporters in an interview, his parents thought has been very open, for their puppy love a thing, they think it is very normal things, only ask him not to affect their learning on the line. “I think that high school fall in love not what, after all, this is normal adolescent behaviour.” Lin Fengjun said, as long as their coordinate love and learning, so as not to delay the study.According to Lin Fengjun mother Ms. Zhang said, now high school students puppy love phenomenon, is the parents, the school can not avoid the problem. If forced children may not love, may run counter to one’s desire. “Now the child is very clever, the surface is promised not to love, are still playing friends privately.” Ms. Zhang said, so it will pull away the children and their parents in distance, causes the child not willing to take the initiative to communicate with family. Therefore, the puppy love this problem, Ms. Zhang think, love can foster son’s sense of responsibility, can make a man of him as soon as possible.  Most parents against children puppy loveThe puppy love of this issue, the reporter interviewed the parents of different ages, they have different opinions on this question.The 28 year old Cheng Jing told reporters, although only 3 years old daughter now, but sooner or later, are likely to face the problem of puppy love. She said, although each child is independent of the individual, but parents have the right to help children develop a correct concept of marriage. “I know it’s puppy love is a common problem, some children may junior high school began to fall in love.” Cheng Jing think, the child in the absence of entering the society, is a very narrow comprehension of love, probably because the other handsome, beautiful, good grades, produces the so-called love. She felt, as long as parents find child puppy love signs, to carry out proper guidance, let the children understand that love is to consider many issues, not casual, easy to love.The 39 year old Mr. Sun also said, if the child premature contact love, may lead to wrong understanding of love. “I think puppy love is not your children develop a sense of responsibility, because this time love most to curiosity, fresh, don’t understand the true meaning of love.”  The school suggested that  Puppy love students to correctly guide  Parents agree best with the schoolThe school is how to treat the puppy love? According to the Chongqing railway middle school student office director Liu said, basically, the school is not to advocate for students’ early love this problem. But students puppy love is a realistic problem for the school can’t escape, when the school in that students puppy love, the first is the positive guidance and communication of the students, let students understand the important task at present is to learn, rather than love, to let the students know what is called the stage of development.At the same time, director Liu also suggested, parents had better agree with the school’s point of view, because it can correctly guide the kids. If the parents and the school didn’t agree, had serious differences in education, for a long time, it may cause students to make radical behavior, affect the development of students, even by the school’s warning.  Experts remind  Can’t stop or blindly accept the puppy love forciblySouthwest new education experts Chen Zhilin said, for students’ early love phenomenon, parents can not stop, can not be blindly agree.Chen Zhilin said, with the growth of the age, the students gradually can have the physiological reaction, normal for love, students also have their own understanding. The puppy love students, parents do not take forcibly stop or threatening manner, such as: “not and so and so” from “you fall in love just beat you” etc.. Because the child is likely to listen to these threats after word, reject and the parents take the initiative to heart. Even they will think it impossible to communicate with their parents, slowly began to put their ideas closed. For a long time, the children will be parents and generation gap, serious and even have psychological disease.Chen Zhilin suggested that, for the puppy love problem child situation points to: such as puppy love helps to promote the children’s enthusiasm for learning, parents should give understanding, but to guide the child to correct outlook on love; and when the puppy love affects their performance, and even some excesses have occurred, the parents to guide children to recognize the main task at present, not love learning.

Through the Micro message buy a stone monkey, a second ago just put the money in the past, after the second Micro message by the other side pull into the blacklist, 2500 yuan down payment so daleshuipiao. Citizens Mr. Tang that see light suddenly, precast concrete accessories the other party to sell the monkey as a pretext, but in cheat money. Because each other in Hainan, Mr. Tang hopes to have same experience of the people together to go to the police.Buy a stone monkey as a pet, he contacted the Hainan businessmenCitizens Mr Tang told reporters, since a group of pocket stone monkey wearing Wukong clothing photos on the Internet became popular, his son is especially hope to have a such small monkey as a pet.Mr. Tang heard, stone monkey because of smaller, only big slap in the face, big eyes a small face, the body dressed in a gold yellow fluff, in the north to sell to the million, while the southern farms more, the price can also offer. So, Mr. Tang on the Internet looking for, try to find a farm to buy.For half a month, the micro signal citizen Mr. Tang in the online search to a Hainan province to sell the stone monkey, an online inquiry: a stone Houcai sells for 3500 yuan, the market price is 1/3.To remit 2500 yuan after, immediately by the other blackTo the other side of Mr. Tang to the business license, ID card number and raising license, “this is our regular farm, the way any problems or even change my mind, can refund. If you are not at ease, can go to Hainan Province, Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous County, come to me.” After the two sides for a supply of sth., and eventually to 5000 yuan one pair of price.In November 1st, Mr. Tang through each other given construction bank account paid 2500 yuan prepaid. Remittance later Tang Mr. again with Micro message to inform the other party at the time of shipment, but has not the other side show their friends, need through the verification to dialogue. Mr. Tang realized: swindled!Since then, Mr. Tang repeatedly sent to each other to become the friend request, no response. Mr. Tang choose alarm, but according to Mr Tang provide ID number and name, police said no such person. Once again call the other 131 phone number, also prompted the shutdown.He would like to join hands with the victims, with the policeDue to huge amount is small, distant hope, Mr. Tang had the same experience people can jointly, together go to the police, the other side will restrain by law, “why am I so easily believe him, he let me see a circle of friends inside the remittance of the pictures, I simply turn up to dozens of people, less remittances, now think about these people may all the dupe.”Then, according to the Micro message number provided by Mr. Tang, the reporter also add the other said to buy a monkey, told reporters after a series of question answering, the other side also expressed the need for remittance first and then shipped. “If you remit the money, don’t you shipped?” Reporters worried about each other, patiently answered, “you can go to Hainan to see such a big farms, farms and will not yellow. You can go to the forestry bureau and the inquiry on the net.”However, the reporter entered Jiaxiang farms each other to provide on the Internet, all show the field breeding cattle and sheep in Shandong area, the monkey farm information and no one in Hainan province. The reporter asked to some pet shop where really has to sell the stone monkey, few employers are said, “general channels you can not buy, buy online being cheated.” At the same time, a shop owner said, the monkey “hukou” also is false.The reporter inquires, wild animal protection law clearly stipulates: ban the sale, purchase of national key protected wild animal or its products. For scientific research, domestication and breeding, exhibition and other special circumstances, need to sell, purchase, use the first grade state protection or the products of wild animal, wild animal must be approved by the State Council administrative department or the approval of the authorized units; need to sell, purchase, use two national protected wild animal or its products, must be approved by the provincial the municipality directly under the central government, the competent departments of wild animal City Hall administrative autonomous regions, or its authorized unit.This tip: there are similar to Mr. Tang experience, please call our news hotline: 96009.Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter Li Yuan photographer Shen ShengThe stone monkeyThe pet market to sell the so-called “Japan pocket stone monkey”, in fact, is the Japanese macaque monkeys young cubs or. Japan produced only a Japanese macaque monkeys. Macaque belong to the national two level protected animal, and according to “the international trade in endangered species Convention”, whether “stone monkey” what kind of monkey, the position is equal to the national level is above two animal protection.The monkey can not just as a petMonkeys grow into estrus with certain aggressive, may cause harm to the breeders. Monkeys reared needs certain environment, not the general family can provide. Monkey cub poor adaptability, high mortality, extremely easy to cause the family rearing pups died. In addition, if the field of illegal capture of the individual, it also may carry pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore do not privately trading, purchase, feeding the monkeys.

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China News AgencyGuangzhou on 7 November, scaffolding parts (Cheng Jingwei) Guangdong much home travel agent 7 days to acceptChina News AgencyReporter the interview said, by virtue of anti season attractive scenery, rich in tourism resources and other advantages, anchor socket New Zealand has gradually become popular Cantonese outbound tourism destination, the future New Zealand travel market potential should be good.The New Zealand Tourism Bureau official data shows, in recent years New Zealand China is the fastest growing source of tourists, in 2013 March to 2014 March, nearly 240000 people China visitors to New Zealand tourism, a year-on-year growth of 14%, which is an important part of Guangdong tourists.Veteran Guangzhou travel agency “wide brigade” said 2010-2014 years, 5 years, through the hotel group visitors to New Zealand at an average annual rate of 25% growth in the number of amplitude, is expected this year, the hotel to go to New Zealand tourists is expected to exceed 6000 people.Guangdong Nanhu, western holidays responsible person, since the agency of New Zealand travel, newspaper group the number of annual average growth of 15% to 20%, and the tourists are mainly young people, with the mission, such as panoramic swim free line products are welcomed by the.The rapid growth in the number of visitors to New Zealand Guangdong to promote increased aviation resources. Chinese Southern Airlines begin Boeing 787-8 aircraft from the end of last year, flying executive Guangzhou – Oakland route, and in the summer season a week to 14 classes. Guangzhou wide tour will also launch the Guangzhou flights to Christchurch in New Zealand tourist charter flights during the Spring Festival in 2015.Chinese tourists from the former Oakland, Roto Ruah and the North Island of New Zealand, to Christchurch South Island area extension. Guangzhou “wide brigade” Australia and New Zealand tour center general manager Yu Yan said, with the Guangzhou flights to Christchurch New Zealand aviation resources increase, the team travel convenience and comfort will be greatly enhanced, is expected in 2015 spring festival organization wide tour visitors to New Zealand’s South Island has 3 fold increase over the same period last year.New Zealand Christchurch City long Gilliann Dalziell recently in Guangzhou to attend the “wide brigade” and Christchurch airport strategic partner agreement signing ceremony said to reporters, Christchurch, New Zealand has become one of the fastest growth in recent years the number of inbound tourists Chinese City, especially the city to years of Chinese tourists and the amount of per capita consumption growth in the same period last year about 50% Guangdong tourists, which accounted for more than half of Chinese total visitors. (end)

Shaanxi Danfeng Longqiao India Cements Limited employee Li Lei recently in work, halfen channel find a since 3000 about the history of the state of Chu during the Warring States bronze sword, when someone willing to be about one hundred thousand yuan to buy this ancient sword, but Li Lei still choose the cultural relics to the Danfeng County Cultural Relics department. Therefore, the cultural relics department issued a certificate to him, to give 500 yuan reward.It is a good thing, but because the pay is a precious cultural relics, and the only reward for $500, has caused a lot of controversy. In stark contrast to meagre bonuses and handed over the cultural relics value in itself, but also raising questions about Li Lei “stupid” and “pull” the relevant departments.Li Lei “stupid”? Of course, can not say. According to the “law on the protection of cultural relics of the people’s Republic of China” the seventy-fourth stipulation, has one of the following acts, still do not constitute a crime, by the cultural relics administrative department of the people’s government at or above the county level in conjunction with the public security organs recovered artifacts; if the circumstances are serious, the Department five thousand Yuan fines fifty thousand yuan of the following: (a) cultural relics discovered concealed not reported or refuse do not give up; (two) not chosen in accordance with the provisions of the transfer of cultural relics. Li Lei said he “usually see some legal program, said on television to dig cultural relics are the national, I handed in”. He not only knowing the law, also take the initiative to abide by the law, praiseworthy for one’s excellent conduct.However, with the cultural relics itself scarce compared and value, compared with the small valuable spirit of law-abiding, a bonus of 500 yuan is too low. Li Lei himself may not have what the selfishness, and do not have the luxury of high reward, but from encourage more people to actively Protect the Cultural Relics, conscientiously study the law point of view, should also be given to match the contribution award. As friends said, 500 yuan can stem what ah?But the reward is much is appropriate, the cultural relics department seems to have “difficulties”. In accordance with the provisions of “cultural relics protection law of the people’s Republic of China” Twelfth article: “the following story units or individuals, to give spiritual encouragement or material rewards by the state cultural relics discovered: timely reporting or hands, make the cultural relics protection……” This very general provisions, and no clear reward specific forms and standards, thus causes this kind of reward in the reality of randomness, the difference between departments, between regions are also great. Perhaps for the local cultural relics department, reward 500 yuan, has been regarded as “exceptional” move.In fact, all in all, is related to the system is not perfect, reward no basis in law. Is it right? Can improve the relevant legal system, with reference to the market value of the comprehensive factors of cultural relics, historical value, cultural relics to actively make reward according to a certain proportion? Is it right? May set up cultural heritage protection report incentive fund, to Protect the Cultural Relics people according to their contributions rewarded? For the discovery of precious cultural relics, hand, can consider whether to give the signature on the cultural relics collection, exhibition and other activities, to encourage? The establishment of these reward mechanism, can fully mobilize the civil power, encourage more people to participate in the protection of cultural relics in business. (Xinhua News Agency reporter Liang Aiping)

The criminal suspect Li Mou (in) was escorted back to ShenBy taking advantage of his position, defrauding the company 4000000 yuan, fled Russia for 14 years, finally caught up with him. Yesterday, the Liaoning provincial public security department this year held third “Fox 2014″ special action news conference, informed on the latest progress of overseas pursuit, announced a new pursuit of the successful case example.Shenyang evening news, Shenyang nets the reporter understands, Shenyang currently has 23 suspects of economic crimes by the international most wanted, for the province’s largest number.The man fled return after 14 years of hiding in Inner MongoliaThe criminal suspect Li Mou this year 41 years old, 14 years ago, as the LG Electronics (China) Co., Ltd. Shenyang branch air conditioning sales manager, in this Korean company revenues, but it can’t satisfy his greed. 2000 May to 2000 August, Li Mou by taking advantage of their positions, fake Dalian Dashang group and other units in the name of defrauding the company license, resold the value of 400 yuan of air conditioning, will all of the payments after the occupation to abscond to russia.Russia is Li Mou foreign place, after that, he was gone. Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau Detectation detachment received a report after, on October 8, 2000 to the embezzlement case on file for investigation. In October 13, 2000, Shenyang City Public Security Bureau will Li Mou as online fugitives. In January 11, 2001, Ministry of public security criminal Li Mou a B level as a fugitive, and according to its actual situation and fled to abroad, wanted to be the world’s most wanted at the time of the first declaration of international red.Since 2014 August, the Ministry of public security nationwide organizations outside the fugitive arrest “Fox 2014″ since the special action, Shenyang city public security bureau Party Committee attaches great importance to Li Mou, as key capturing object. In October 12th, the provincial public security department to obtain an important clue: Li Mou may have potential back home, and hiding in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is preparing to open a hotel. In obtaining this important clues, the police immediately organized the arrest.Shenyang police have arrested 2 foreign fugitive continuousFor the Li Mou quickly arrested, the police task force day and night, drove nearly 2000 kilometers, in October 13th went to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Upon arrival, the special case team immediately conducted a comprehensive Mopai to Li Mou may be hiding places, and obtain a major clue to its hidden in Wulatezhong banner of Inner Mongolia. After fighting for a week, the project group in the local police support, in October 22nd, in the Urat banner chart town will run 14 years of Li Mou captured. After the interrogation, the suspect Li Mou of suspected embezzlement crime fact confessed. Ad hoc group in October 24th will be shipped back to the Shen Li Mou, the case is under further investigation.The police said, “since the fox 2014″ overseas fugitive arrest action, vigorously guide ministries and agencies under the assistance, Shenyang city public security organs at all levels, all the police mobilization, go to all lengths, to tackling, already continuously 2 foreign fugitive arrest. At present, Shenyang has 23 suspects of economic crimes by the international most wanted, for the province’s largest number.Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter Wen Da photographic reporter Wang overall situation

Changsha on 7 November, (reporter Shuai Cai) reporter from the Hunan provincial food and drug supervision and Management Bureau, halfen frimeda Hunan province this year, food and drug supervision and management departments to teenagers, cast in ferrules children greater consumption of puffed food, convenience food as the focus, to carry out intensive sampling, seized the school canteen food and campus issues surrounding the 7740 kg.According to the introduction, since this year, Hunan province food and drug supervision and management departments to take do not say hello, do not accompany, random selecting, went straight to the site inspection, to 14 cities in Hunan Province, 56 counties of 147 schools, the campus and surrounding food safety special rectification carried out unannounced inspection information.It is reported, after the autumn, the Hunan provincial food and drug supervision and Administration Department of Hunan province 12 school canteens, 65 campus and surrounding grocery store for the inspection, sampling a total of 286 batches of food, initially identified 34 batches of substandard food, the unqualified rate of nearly 12%, at present this batch of unqualified food are finally the re examination procedures, the result is determined, will be released to the society in the first time.