Food DIYThe temperature plummeted, not only need warm clothes to keep out the cold, also need food to provide energy for the body. However, the monotony of the staple food is hard to appetite, lifting anchor the staple food so clever Food master will prepare a seductive and appetizers in cold weather. Food Master: leaves a bank clerkBecause the job is busy, the leaves of the lunch is usually in the office to solve, so do lunch gradually became her amateur music. “The weather is cold, the ordinary white Steamed Rice not appetite, so I try to change the staple food, put it into Rice and vegetable roll or food box, tastes good, immediately appetite.”Delicious dish box when the tasteLeaves said: “when I was a child, often eat grandma cooking box. See grandma station with the shovel branded boxes on the hearth, I got in the edge of the pot, no matter whether oil splashed on clothing, alternating hands holding a hot dish box, a trial of strength to her mouth, just think of all the delicious leek and egg fragrance more than anything in the world.”Ingredients: flour, boiling water, white lotus half, spinach 80 grams, 150 grams of mushrooms, old tofu 60 grams, 150 grams of pork, carrot 80 grams, 15 grams of dried fungus, vermicelli 80 grams, 15 grams of gingerPractice: 1, put the flour into the pot, pour boiling water, while pouring while stirring with chopsticks, be scattered a little dough and dry at the same time the existence state of the water stop, and so the temperature dropped to can start to knead the dough.2, wash pork Duo Chengrong; tofu cut Xiaoding; lotus white cut Xiaoding; vermicelli soaked until soft cut short; spinach abluent cut Xiaoding; fungus bubble hair to root stalks cut Xiaoding; mushrooms clean cut Xiaoding; carrot peel and cut into Xiaoding; wash chopped garlic bolt; ginger peeled and chopped standby.3, the oil is heated to 5 into, into the fat meat and ginger fried powder, add cooking wine and soy sauce color to stir evenly; the other ingredients are added in turn off the fire, mixing evenly, add salt, soy sauce, sesame oil, chicken essence seasoning.4, will wake up face small system, rolling into the middle of thick thin skin around the spare.Put a spoonful of filling in 5, round the skin, use a spoon out flat, as being by circular skin side, the other side of the circular skin equivalent to over; first kneading intermediate, and then the fingers will be one week real pinch, pinch and side to side to push forward, the natural formation of the lace.6, into the amount of oil in the pot, will do a good job in the food box cake embryo is placed in the fire and fry until golden, turn over to fry until golden; change a small fire, cover and simmer, small fry, stir frequently face to bread, transparent; finally the dish box stood up, the bottom and sides respectively fry golden brown.(photography by Ceng Linglin Sun Peike)

According to Xinhua news agency, steel chamfer Changchun 1 December report (reporter Yao Shi) reporter 1 days from China car north Changchun rail passenger car Limited by Share Ltd to understand, 60 subway trains in Beijing Yan real line trains will be handed off manufacturing. This is the first with the highest standards of Chinese automation level of automatic Metro train. The first car to be delivered in May next year.Driving subway cars will be in operation according to the instant case no one, lifting socket the first time by the computer program automatically reaction and make a decision “”. In addition to effectively reduce the influence because of human involvement and the driver stops time and operation efficiency brings, anchor nut shortening traffic intervals, automatic “unmanned” train nor for driver fatigue, sudden illness or other circumstances bring influence on operation.In 2002, the world’s first “unmanned” subway put into use in the Danish capital Copenhagen.

Eleven pair of smoke has been dispersed, wavy tail anchor Tmall one-day sales exceeded 57100000000 yuan, another transaction records. For some online shopping online shopping group, received the package, is the heart tired start: Cargo wrong board, Chengnuobuduixian, sellers knowingly deceive…… These tick problem, enough to spend double eleven rob goods passion.Recently, Ningbo City, market supervision bureau has carried on the statistics to the dual eleven shopping complaints: November 11th to November 21st this year, a total of accepting and Taobao Tmall double eleven online shopping related complaints 62 pieces. This data, compared with the same period last year increased 11, the volume of complaints rose 17.7%.The data also shows that, the consumer rights awareness is really more and more strong, such as this is a serious customer, spent 3 days over the business sales records, just want to find the merchants have Maoni evidence.Shop announced the winners nameWhy buy a no recordNingbo City, market supervision bureau complaints report center, a few days ago, Nanjing has received a phone call to complain about Miss Sun, a Ningbo dealer.This is a clothing enterprise, was in the Tmall engage in activities: “double eleven” the day 0 points to 3, clinch a deal the 11 order amount the biggest, will give a iPhone6 mobile phone.Miss sun a look, determined to win. She pulled to the little sisters, two people together to fight alone. On the evening of zero point one, two people will not stop place an order, bought more than 20 pieces of clothes, spent a total of 3800 yuan.A week later, the turnover of top 11 winners announced, Miss Sun, even the lowest line did not reach: list the least amount of consumption in 7000 yuan of above; the first row of consumption amount has exceeded 50000 yuan.It is this “50000 yuan”, let Miss Sun suspected that there was a strange day shop: “most expensive products the value of 489 yuan, to consumption of 50000 yuan, at least to buy a hundred things.” Who all will run to buy more than 100 pieces of clothes ah.Since the doubt on the authenticity of the list, Miss Sun decided the rivalry once. She found a few friends, spent three days time, the day of the period of the shop all shopping records all over.The results, 11 winning people’s names, in the records of a can not find.Miss sun went at once to the customer to view. Call a kinda kind, said the list of winners is automatic acquisition system. Miss Sun said, then open the consumer records, customer service directly rejected.To change a service, or a routine. In the end, all customer service group disappeared.At present, about the complaints, Ningbo market supervision is being conducted.This year “double eleven”, there are a lot of this encounter friends, only Ningbo city market supervision, it received 11 consumer complaints business activities existence maoni.Place an order clearly display inventoryPay the seller said no stockFor online shopping gens, finished the next single after the express, is a painful process. Although “double eleven” during logistics turtle speed in expectation, but if it is the last month, it is exaggerated.Recently, Changsha consumer Mr. Tan to Ningbo City Market Supervision Bureau complaints, says he is in “double eleven” that day, by Tmall bought a Ningbo garment enterprises of clothes and trousers, money Yekou. But then he was told no goods, and until the day the business also call not refund.Another complainants Ms. Zhang, is a “double eleven” day in the Tmall mall a brand official flagship store to buy a sweater, place an order when the inventory is displayed as the spot.Ms. Zhang did not wait to express in the home is left wait right etc, on the net to ask the seller, but was told, the sweater without spot, you’ll have to wait a month to delivery.”If there is no stock, sell when they should be marked.” The seller’s explanation made her very can not accept, then made a complaint to the regulatory department.The statistical data of Ningbo City, market supervision bureau shows, consumers through the Taobao, Tmall and electric business platform to buy goods, but the business did not make the delivery or the drain delivery; when buying the shop side obviously have inventory, but consumer goods captured a few days later but was told no goods complaints 30 pieces in total, accounting for almost “nearly half of dual eleven” consumer complaints.In addition, because of the quality of the commodity, or because the commodity is not the right size requirements, many return, replacement, 12315 hotline received such complaints 17, accounting for 17.4% of the total.Miss sun to find a few friends, spent three days time, the day of the period of the shop all shopping records all over. The results, 11 winning people’s names, in the records of a can not find.

High-speed Rail Park Management: to inner mark as the standard, to avoid misunderstanding will consider increasing the signs”Changzhou North Station High-speed Rail Park toilets for men and women sign reversal, have net friend went wrong, this is not a rigorous.” Yesterday, a netizen hair post says, is located in Changzhou new North District of the High-speed Rail park outside the toilet clearly marked “symbol of male left female right”, but went and found the toilet for men and women to adjust the direction of A. This park management explained, the sign represents only there are public toilets, men’s and women’s toilets or to door specific signs shall prevail. But in order to avoid misunderstanding, they will consider increasing the signs. Lu WenjieNetizen: “Nanzuonvyou” confusedYesterday morning, a netizen reflects Changzhou High-speed Rail Park toilet sign superscript “Nanzuonvyou”, is actually the male toilet on the right, the female toilet on the left, so misleading, came to the toilet for men and women tourists tend to go wrong toilet, causing embarrassment.According to the netizen introduction, recently there was a lady who looked at the wall toilet signs into the right side of the toilet, but found that there is a row of vertical urinal toilet, etc. it was cleaning staff told myself just into the men’s toilet, when the lady was very depressed. The cleaning staff told her, the signs on the wall outside is wrong, people often because the sign wrong toilet.Scene: the toilet door before there are signsYesterday, modern express reporter found the net friend reflects the “wrong” signs High-speed Rail Park toilet. The reporter saw Park East, northwest corner, the toilet wall hung a logo of a blue and white cards, man graphics on the left, on the right lady graphics, among with separated by a vertical line, the right side is a wheelchair user mark, and wrote a bunch of numbers.Look at the sign, the reporter unconsciously to the left of the “Gents” go, but in the press over the door of the toilet sees lady logo, finally, the reporter found the men’s toilet on the right, the man’s a sign on the door is also very obvious.According to the site of a cleaning personnel introduces, High-speed Rail park a total of 5 toilets, patterns are the same, all female toilet on the left, the men’s toilet on the right. “In the beginning, some people do go wrong, but once people know, now we mainly are also some nearby residents over.” The cleaning staff said, on the toilet door have relevant mark, people will look at the door before entering the room, so it will not go wrong.Response: to internal flags shall prevailThe city sanitation department of a responsible person, the sign Toilet front suspension, is the only toilet signs, tell people here is a public toilet, there is no requirement of male and female toilets position must and signs on the same position of men and women.”In 2009 the housing ministry issued a document, only to Toilet color, clarity made clear requirements, and does not require the toilet must be male left female right, but in life we often say ‘male left female right’.” The responsible person said, male and female toilets should by the specific symbol shall prevail.Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted the High-speed Rail park management, a surname Zheng manager told reporters, the toilet wall hanging sign is unified sanitation sector, did not take into account the “male left female right”, since some people propose such easy to confuse, management will increase in eye-catching position indicator channel men and women, indicating the position of the toilet.

This bracelet in the wearer to “eat a bite” dischargeWant to slim but tube not shut electric shock bracelet can help you?. The development of American company “BAPU Rock” (Pavlok) rubber bracelet, cast in ferrules the wearer to “eat a bite” discharge, and to help the wearer thin. Palvok Bracelet development of Pavlovian conditioned reflex theory based on the famous inventor, prop nut Manish Sethi said, “when you eat discharge, allow the brain to build (or eat some food) and shock reflex”, good habits by moderate shock to help people develop diet. (Qiao Ying)

Recently, Dazhou citizens have reflected, take a taxi from the new campus of good new trade city to the College of Arts and Sciences, only to be driver for a “back in vain”. By the passengers refused, BFD coupler the driver will have a dig on it, although the final did not give the so-called “return empty”, but its depressed said: “it was a stomach gas.” Yesterday, the taxi belongs to the taxi company relevant responsible person said, when thing driver has recently been fired.Passenger: take a taxi by cable “back in vain”"A few days ago, I went to the College of Arts and Sciences in New Campus of the school gate on the good new trade city bus station by taxi, go to go up on the way, the taxi driver suddenly began to ask me for ‘return empty’. I refused her unreasonable demands, way to provoke her complaint and satire.” The citizens reflect said, if the peacetime according to normal play table, this distance will not be more than 7 yuan of money, but then the driver said to charge “back in vain”, a price of 10 yuan, which makes him very puzzled. “Go so many places, I take a taxi to collect ‘return empty’, feel not reasonable, then rejected her unreasonable demands. Everything went according to the meter to.” The people said, did not think so but bring the driver a dig.Not only that, the people said, when the car arrived at the destination, the school gate, he told to get off, the driver did not stop, will the car near school dormitory door far, form than the original two yuan and multi hop. “I’m not care much for the yuan, and now there are a few people couldn’t afford to take a taxi? But since sit regular taxi companies, Is it right? Should be in accordance with the regulations to pay?”The leasing company: shift drivers have been firedYesterday afternoon, the public taxi belongs to Dazhou Jinjian taxi company manager Du told reporters in West City, “the company’s investigation, the driver on duty have to charge fares will, but after reaching the destination does not really overcharged.” Du manager said, processing opinion company has replied to it when the passengers. “We have ordered the operators and drivers to stop learning to rectify a day, and allow the driver to make a profound review and notify the whole company; the second is punishing buckle the car service quality compensation of 300 yuan, and included in the monthly service quality assessment, deducted 6 points.”"The new campus of the college that section of road, we also have to understand, there is a section of the road, the road is not very good, may meet the traffic jam, the meter will be multi hop one or two yuan of money, this is possible.” Du said the manager, in fact, on receipt of the passenger’s complaint, on the same day the company already let operator fired when thing driver. “Our company usually every month the organization the following driver training study, mainly to learn safety knowledge, and service related laws and regulations, is taken to guard against the driver of illegal operation.”Suggestion: encounter industry chaos, the preservation of evidence and complaintsIn fact, apart from the charges, the taxi industry there are still many chaos drawn public. Reporters found that the visit, Lantau Peak, the place such as fire Mineyama due to steep road, College of Arts and Sciences for land position slightly, often is the main local taxi did not play table or additional costs. “If it is in the rush hour, many drivers do not want to go to the north, you ask, he went to want to go to the gas in the car on the grounds to refuse.” She reluctantly said, now we are clever, in order to prevent the taxi refusing, are the first to get on the bus and then told him to.Aiming at the problem of the aggrieved, Du manager said, “if the driver knew in advance that the destination but not willing to go, this even refuse; if not know in advance, it would not refuse.” At the same time, he says, if the citizen encounter additional costs, or refuse, need to preserve evidence, then dial telephone complaints, “play carry phone, or taxi company telephone complaints are possible, the driver fees, asked for how much money the invoices, which can be used as evidence.” West City Reader reporter Wang Huayi

“Put the left your man some photos, right put up your own photos, ten people continue to spread the smile”. From November 27th onwards, this called “smile challenge” activities jump red network, presents the “spam” trend in Micro message and micro-blog. As part of the main force of the “after 80″, “90 after” said, friends are mainly to contact the feelings of happiness and transfer.Psychologists have its transfer positive energy to positive evaluation, but to remind players, beware of head stolen for network deception.- Southern Daily reporter Xie Miaofeng Intern Cai LixuanSmile onceSince the weekend, many young people often use social software was “spam”, two or more placed side by side smile photos appear frequently in Micro message in the circle of friends and micro-blog. “Eyeful is this smile challenges, from the beginning of the afternoon of November 27th, while on a wave.” The 23 year old graduate student Liang Tongxue was reading only in the night was three times nominated for students.The so-called “smile challenge” is actually very simple, hair social networks when duplicated challenge rules, put on some his friends smile photos on the left, the right to put on their smile photos, and then call to pass. Such a simple challenge, rapidly response in social networks.”A very long time no see classmates is basically I rollcall object more, want to have a look of their recent changes.” An office in the city of Guangzhou young white-collar workers said, she hopes to understand the current situation of schoolmate at college in Beijing reading through this activity, so involved in this game are very excited and looking forward to.Warm winterMany net friends thought that the name of “thanksgiving” feelings “game only three minutes heat”, did not think of when most parts of the country in the cooling time, the game of the heat not only increase.Netizens have even proposed hypothesis: “the game from the beginning of December 1st, zero, Chinese sb completed the first smile challenge, and chose 10 people continue to transfer, the 10 men each choose 10 people to accept new challenges. If there is no repeated point in the process, each person only once, a day after they named all emit self time, how many days, the 15 year old, 59 year old people to use the photo drying up, make people self goal?”The problem of a throw, have high school science students the netizen translates the geometric series calculated: the answer is 8.97 days.This instant jump red network game, who initiated?Micro-blog Sina micro public welfare operation relevant responsible person said, “the challenge is to smile” by netizens spontaneously driven transfer positive energy, is warm, happy.The netizen thinks, “the winter to a smile, all of a sudden the whole people will warm up.”Beware of bugsIn fact, game is not a new thing, as early as in the blog era, one called “the baton of happiness” of the game has spread around the world.Huang Guiping thinks that the South China University of Technology associate professor of communication studies, is like this game to hot up, because it meets the needs of the emotion of the people in a certain extent. “In addition, there are a lot of people like self time, so when the social circle to give such a platform, we still very happy to share the beauty of beauty, transfer”.The media also used American sociologist Owen Goffman “drama theory” to explain “why hot smile challenge”, think that this is actually a performance to show their own image.At the same time, there are enthusiastic netizen reminds, similar to the “smiling challenges” such a naming rules, or will become new tricks a swindler. “For example use of the photos to compare, find acquaintances, fraud; or directly with the outgoing head do social circle identity picture, and then lied to mobile phone off, and various ways of network fraud.”

Chengdu Business Daily hearing (reporter Gu Bo interns Liao Hua) in Chengdu pulled the marriage certificate, at least 9 yuan money Chuai pocket. Or both AA system, prop nut each 4.5 yuan…… However, do that thing, next year will be.Yesterday, Chengdu Business Daily reporters from the City Civil Affairs Bureau, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau recently combined with city development and Reform Commission and the Municipal Finance Bureau issued a document, from January 1, 2015 onwards, the full implementation of free marriage registration service in Chengdu city. Marriage registration and registration of divorce parties in accordance with the law in the city of Chengdu, the marriage registration office (including replacement of the marriage registration certificate) are free object. Free items including marriage certificate fee and divorce certificate fee. This charge, whether marriage, divorce or to re submit the documents, before is 9 yuan.The Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau of Social Affairs Department of a responsible person said, has been in the forefront of Chengdu City and County District Xindu District, for example, a few years ago began to implement free marriage registration services, since then, high-tech zone, Qingbaijiang district and Longquanyi district also has joined the ranks of the free.According to introduction, last year, the city’s marriage registration 232691 pairs (including marriage, divorce and go two cards), on the basis of multiplied by 9 yuan only nearly 2100000 yuan. In the future, the costs will be paid.

Now each family children are less. Most children are spoiled by his parents. Spoiled children, then it is hard to adapt to the society, halfen frimeda also it is difficult to get along with others, swivel coupler in the future of life on the road always have to lose. So parents should not spoil the child. That has spoilt child, aop formwork how to help children correct? The child is still in the growth stage, they need to be taught how to respect others. This time is an important period of training children to become responsible adults. A spoiled child, by definition, they do not know what is the limit also don’t know what this is why don’t. A spoiled child is a masterpiece of parents, so parents always meet all the requirements of these spoiled child. Such children always get more than what they want, they will always be satisfied. Such a child development into adulthood will have to manipulate the habit, so have a negative impact on relations with other people’s children will. Since the spoiled child with such a big risk, then how can we reverse the spoiled child? The following specific content.Parents have to confessAs a parent, you have your own choice, you are going to lose face reformation after the good child, still insisted on to destroy the child. Although as a parent, but does not mean that you can do everything for the children. Although you should meet the requirements of the child, but you must be selective meet, not blindly meet. Many parents, out of kindness, but very ignorant, they don’t know the difference between the. If you are really spoilt children, you meet the ideas and requirements of each does not make sense of the child, you should be honest, you are wrong. And let your children know that you have made such a mistake. And then communicate well with children, let the children slowly change.Set clear rulesAs a parent, you must first understand their own rules, if your rules do not, children will of course of chaos. Specific set some boundaries and limitations. Set up the rule to seriously to implement. Sometimes encountered special circumstances, although the rules have changed. But you have to explain to the child, why to want to change the rules. So let the children understand the reason, so that next time you don’t break the rules.Reward the child good behaviorWhen children do some good behavior, not just praise the child verbally. You can also give the child some material help, or in special circumstances to give children special help.Try not to lose your temperSay “no” to the child in you, the child may lose his temper. But you still have to adhere to say “no”. Then explain to children, so let the children try not to lose your temper.Teaching children to share with others and find in helping othersThe education of children to help others. Can give children some housework at home, let the children to finish. Can also let the children help each other, to finish the housework. Let the children know, they are not only to learn, they can also give.

[colorful rope]Many fans like Wenwan Tibetan feeling, like this kind of rope, generally suitable for long string, 108 string, if made of hand, because there is no elastic stretch, need to call myself a square knot, for wear elastic. The knot sent will behind said.[prime rope]There are generally two kinds of, a kind of elastic, not a string, is used in the 108 general elasticity, such as lobular Rosewood 108 series, can not stretch. Also generally used this string big King Kong hand, actually this kind of pigment surface cable rope, elastic rope used to carry than.Elastic string []The general is a girl’s beautiful hand string, in order to coloring, but olive nuclear small seeds with transparent line, is also good, but the proposed multi strands together, to prevent the broken.Jade line []Below we talk about “Yu line”Many jade line type, can be divided into: according to thickness of No. 71, No. 72 jade jade line line, fishing line, A line silk jade jade, jade, jade B line C line, 180 line, Bao Yuxian jade. A few pictures about:[No. 71] Yu lineNo. 71 jade line is a line in the fine jade, diameter of only about 0.2mm.[No. 72] Yu lineNo. 72, No. 71 jade line than coarse, diameter of about 0.7mm.[A, B], C Yu lineThe higher density, diameter were 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm.  In new networkSmall make up finishing the mobile version of DD