Residents with sticks and other support site adjacent to the walls to collapse prevention.Nearby residents, precast accessories wall surfaces make people worryReport from our correspondent (reporter Yan Jianguang photo coverage) in the original is the mud foundation, will be built 11 story building. Since last year’s excavation engineering construction, cracks near the foundation of cement concrete pavement and residential building walls. With the project, the wall crack is more and more near residential buildings.Yesterday, Jianghai District Office of the streets as the new century off the coast near the residential area residents told reporters reflect, is currently the residents in the district to start the construction of the Yin TZ commercial building, suspected Ground safety hidden danger. They have repeatedly asked the government hotline, the local planning, the building housing the departments to reflect the problems, but has not been a formal response. Still as usual in engineering construction.Yesterday, the reporter visited the site confirmed the walls, cement road crack residents reflected. For local residents to doubts, Jianghai district planning, housing construction department said, will respond after investigation.Project near the wall multiple crackingYesterday morning, the reporters came to the office of the streets to see off the coast of Jianghai District, residents reflected in construction projects in the street Yang Shan Road and Qing Lan Road intersection, century new commercial and residential city like between.Posted on the site “from the general situation of the project board”, the reporter understands, is the construction of the projects for the Yin Gallery 1, 2 buildings; one side of the site, has built the three floor, the other side is still the foundation construction. According to local residents introduction, this is the real estate from started construction in November last year.Journalists around the site around in a circle, found two old cement road near the construction site appeared the phenomenon of cracking. With the site less than 10 meters of the place is a row of 7 houses.In which a resident of the home, the reporter saw the walls of the houses and housing connected place has been split about 5 cm, the wall also multiple cracks; while the other residents of the home, the owner used sticks, wood and other shored up the wall. “These days the growing cracks, if which day the wall fell, but first this top.” The owner said.Residents suspected new building foundation instability”This situation, doubt is the new development of the instability in the foundation, there is a problem.” Near the site of a more than 20 years in construction work of the residents told reporters: “the market place, the past is a very deep bog, the underground silt many piles, they are a lot of crooked.”The reporter learned from the construction site near a residential floor to the site to see, found that indeed such as resident said, on the side of doing now foundation building, showing more than 10 cement pile, which has a plurality of pile is awry. “Pile inclines, it the foundation instability.” The residents for many years engaged in the Construction Engineering said, “in such a foundation to build a 11 story building, how to guarantee the safety, really worrying.”According to the site related planning drawings. Local residents with the display, in 1992, the site and 4 7 storey buildings surrounding Shang Zhu Lou into sea century new like commercial city, an area of more than 23 acres; the new century as commercial construction, the present construction site plots a straight vacant, until November last year, residents found the plot suddenly started.”It is said that the site planning publicity, to build two 11 storey buildings, but we the residents here have never seen planning.” Local residents said, “some people say on the Internet, but the planning involves the interests of our these people, why not come to us posted publicity?”Many times to the departments to reflect no replyLocal residents said, this change was found after, they have repeatedly called the Jiangmen City Hall service hotline, Jianghai district also to the land planning, housing construction departments, each reply is “will understand”. But so far, still no one sector is given a clear answer.”A day without a definite answer, the heart will calm down.” One resident said, “more and more cracks in walls, really worry which day collapse not walls, but the house, how does that do?”Department: as soon as possible understanding of the investigationLocal residents are worried about Yin Gallery Project did not exist to keep the safe hidden trouble? Why would lead to the cement road, building wall cracking in the vicinity? If there is a problem in the future, who should be responsible? Yesterday, reporter interviewed residents reflect the Jianghai District Land Planning Bureau of environmental protection and housing construction bureau.The two bureau office related responsible for the per capita told reporters, they will notify the relevant departments, the survey project details as soon as possible, and then make a reply.However, as of press time, has not yet received any reply to related department.

Lipstick can blushGuangzhou finally sooner or later some of autumn, but in this season but the body is very easy to long autumn fat,lifting clutches in fact, in addition to your body to keep fit, your makeup bag when she is thin thin. You know, skillfully to purchase some of one object with multiple autumn makeup product, you can save money and reduce the load of make-up bag.Paper, photo finishing / reporter Chen WeiweiLipstick can blushBlush is perhaps the most lasting cosmetic makeup bag, seems to be used are not after a few years. The high-end brand blush every minimum price two hundred or three hundred yuan, the price is not cheap. To save money, you can take a lipstick when blush, especially can buy some autumn popular pink or red rouge lipstick, because it is part of the highlight color, when in use, the lipstick painted fingers gently, and then point to the cheeks, then gently pat evenly, so also can manufacture the blush on your face blush and lipstick, and belongs to a color, will make the overall makeup look more coordination.The earth color eye shadow can be used for eyebrowBlack or earth colored eye shadow in the autumn of this year is very popular, in addition to making eye shadows, also can be used as the eyebrow eyebrows with eyebrow brush brushing, as long as the site can be. Of course, if such use, not the best choice of bright pink eye shadow effect, can appear otherwise eye too flash, is not suitable for everyday makeup.Don’t buy a lip linerBuy color EyelinerEyeliner is the only black, brown, blue? That you OUT! This color Eyeliner became popular, in addition to making a unique playful eye effect, also can take this kind of color to use when the lip liner pencil eyeliner. As long as the choice of a relatively smooth texture, composition of soft eyeliner can be, we can outline the lip line, prominent lip makeup effect.

(reporter Zhang Yu) in 2000 and the owners signed the purchase agreement, Liu Ling save money on food and expenses mortgage 13 years, to 2013, the limit will be repaid, Liu Ling suddenly found the owner Wang Qiang has put the house sold to Cui Fei third, and procedures for the transfer of anger, Liu Ling Wang Qiang, will Cui Fei to court, for any two people signed housing sales contracts invalid. This morning, the court of Fangshan Chengguan court hearing the case and make a sentence, judge between Wang Qiang and Cui Fei’s contract is invalid.The plaintiff Liu Ling this year 49 years old, is a dwarfism. The first defendant Wang Qiang has not contact, not to appear in court, the defendant Cui Fei by the agency lawyer second. Liu Lingsu said, in November 10, 2000, his signed housing contracts of sale, and Wang Qiang agreed: Wang Qiang will be Fangshan District Yongxing Tatsu home a housing sale to Liu Ling, the total price of 112600 yuan per month, Liu Ling also housing loans of 640.64 yuan for the. In the payment of part of the first payment of 30000, Wang Qiang will be the delivery of housing to the plaintiff Liu Ling used so far.So far, the occupants of the house of Liu Ling in 2000 November to 2013 June to repay the loans to purchase owner Wang Qiang. In 2013 June, when the housing loans will be repaid, Liu Ling is going to find Wang Qiang asking him to assist in the administration of housing transfer procedures, but do not want to find Wang Qiang, Liu Ling after inquiry knowing, housing has been sold to Cui Fei Wang Qiang in 2013 March, and procedures for the transfer.”I’m in this suite has lived 13 years, and the king strong repaid 13 years of mortgage.” The plaintiff said the defendant Liu Ling, Cui Fei did not see the controversial housing in the buy a house before, transfer procedures did not live to Shoufang, such behavior is obviously not in conformity with the common sense, the sale of housing behavior between the two defendants are malicious collusion.”We signed a contract with Wang Qiang in 2012 about 600000 the sale of housing, the monthly loan 2600 yuan.” Cui Fei’s lawyer says, between Cui Fei and Wang Qiang is a lawful and reasonable housing sale relationship, “Wang Qiang and we say that this house occupants are tenants, whether the house is free to choose our. After the transfer, we have been demanding Shoufang, but we can’t find Wang Qiang, and we are all victims of the plaintiff.”After the adjournment, the judge sentenced a decision between Wang Qiang and Cui Fei, the housing sales contracts invalid. Cui Fei’s agent said the verdict, whether to appeal to discuss with Cui Fei again. (party a pseudonym)

If the social networking tools chat chooses the most “wounding” reply, “Oh” two words absolute votes is elected,halfen channel optionally reply hidden behind indifference makes chat heart into slag. But also the netizen says,lifting insert “Oh”, “you love how how.” and so on, can enter the “annoying reply” list. In recent micro-blog Sina, “@ great Anne” lists “the most annoying people say a few words”, and with the text of the show. See this group of comic fans mostly produced a “shot in the knee” feeling, have begun to “self-criticism”, “no longer reply, to hurt others.” Yangzi Evening News reporter Yang Tianzi The comic tells you what to reply the most annoyingEarnestly to persuade others, but encountered a cold reply, “what do you love how”. Be jubilant and others say one thing, others have no interest, back to you saying “Oh, then?” Such a scene in our life no less happened. The speaker has no intention of listener, for a long time, this “pour of type” dialogue began to let countless people tired. “The sun drying out the great Anne” in micro-blog in cartoons, talking about the “God annoying” story.The hero of the story is still “the great Anne” to create the classic cartoon image of Manasseh’s “”. “Manasseh’s” because a thing is sad, standing on the side of the friends actually began to “fill the knife”, “you think too much.” Get the * * signature “Manasseh’s” be jubilant, others in a pair of “go ballistic comic” cold face, “Oh, then?” Reasoned argument a thing, speak in excitement emotion “Manasseh’s” was a passer-by reminded, “serious and you lose”. “The great Anne” with pictures of the way, will the life scenes of comic show, such as the classic version of QQ chat reply “Oh”, quarrel of universal reply “is all my fault”, appear in the display of the content in the comics.Shot in the netizen said “can’t bear”Easily hit a “Oh”, a chat window on the other end of the other party may immediately broken slag. Simple communication scene is “the great Anne” draw, onlookers netizens have said “shot in the knee”. Net friend “Sunny_” said, “this is my heart a lot of dead, plug.” “@ deer there immediately” self-criticism “, the knee has been into a beehive. Some words have also been such a reply.” “@264948″ is thought of a friend of his, “I have a friend, no matter what others talk to her, she will really understand the look. You told her something you feel more throw things she never give ‘what’s this, my last…’ ‘this is what! My friend… ‘ Reply. In short, not all talk to her!”As of press time, “the cartoons of Anne the great” has been forwarded more than thirty thousand times, nearly 4000 netizens to “the great Anne” left his “lay gun experience”. Although “the great Anne” in the comic book identifies only 9 sentences “God annoying” sentences, but in the comments, netizens added a lot of “annoying reply” alternative. “@Hi-Shit” said, “the I told you is a very common annoying sentence in english.” “Salomei_Queen” said, “when you want to clear some things through, very hate a ‘don’t care about these details’!” “@ cm limi” list is a “God” annoying “scene, be jubilant with other people say one thing, and then he asked, ‘then?’ I said, ‘no, just like that.’ He answered, ‘oh oh’. Feel tired heart.”Comic book writer: I hope that when we talk to some more consideration for othersAlthough the netizen comment humorously in the comment, this 9 cartoon is “how do you become a high cold Anne in teach”. But the author of the original manga has said, drawing the cartoons intention is not high and cold, but hope to be able to play the role of life to remind. Yesterday, Yangzi Evening News reporter contact on the comic writer of “the great Anne”, she told reporters, usually chat with friends when the details touched himself, “usually chat with friends, do you will encounter the part of the ‘uncomfortable’ words, so I decided to, through the form of the expression of these cartoon painting ‘unhappy’ down.”The group decided to draw comics, “the great Anne” had “a small survey” among friends, including some friends think “express God annoying”, with the classic “Manasseh’s” image, then there is this group let netizen deeply comic resonance. “Netizens reaction was what I expected. I hope that through this set of cartoons, let everybody have resonance in at the same time, to pay more attention to their usual expression, in the exchange of words, can be more consideration for others some.”- “God annoying” reply1 when you earnestly to persuade, he said “how you love how.”; 2 when you be jubilant to say one thing, he returned to you saying “Oh, then what”; 3 you because something tangled upset, he said “you think too much”; 4 oh when you quarrel with; 5, gas fits, the other one: “on the whole, I was wrong, you have to do it”; the 6 is clearly very normal evaluation of others, he said: “are you jealous”; 7 when you found to demonstrate a thing, but was warned, “serious and you lose”; 8 setbacks, he said: “see, I told you……” ; 9 when, you tell someone something you feel great or surprise the other said: “Oh, what’s this, very normal ah.”

No. fifteenth typhoon “Seagull” over, causing a great loss to many parts of Hainan and western Guangdong province. The typhoon season of the year is also the damage to the automobile in the period. When the storm comes, the owners know how to correct driving don’t let love get hurt?High speed road to keep away from the car slowlyDriving in the strong storms and heavy rainfall weather, speed must take control of a good. The wind heavy rain, the driver’s line of sight is not good, the pedestrians around also anxious to shelter from the rain or hurry don’t pay attention to road vehicles, so after that we must slow, only slowly in order to maximize the reduce the occurrence of rainstorm days of the accident.Stormy weather is most in need of attention before and after the car, because the rain will be very urgent very close to playing in the glass, the driver’s line of sight will be affected very much, so keep the observed distance with their cars and vehicles, various emergency measures taken in advance is the most in need of attention in we drove on the road.In the highway traffic, attention should be paid to highway electronic display information reminder. Driver to strictly control the speed while driving, and maintain the normal more than two times the vehicle distance running and the vehicle in front. In the rainy day driving speed of no more than 40km/h, in the high-speed road speed not more than 60km/h.In the highway and other open areas of the road, the wind is definitely more than elsewhere. If the drive in these sections, suggest the driver must slow down, pay attention to observe the surrounding circumstances. At this time, the branches, the vehicle roadside, are likely to be a source of danger. If you feel unable to control the vehicle, should immediately find a safe place to stop. On the highway, to find the nearest exit down.Low speed road, pay attention to pedestriansHow to drive a car on the road in general? The water too much can cause many Cheyou car was “drowning”. Auto face “Watergate Guan”, the owner should take the rescue plan reasonable and correct driving skills.”Half of the ground water more than tires, best not to risk wading, in order to avoid mechanical accident. If the water is not deep, the first stop, the observation of other wading vehicle whether to pass smoothly, to judge whether the ground pit or obstacles.” Has many years of driving experience master Huang said.Special attention must be paid by the sidewalk in heavy rain, not many people may pass by, but if anything it must hold an umbrella, or pushing a car people wear poncho shelter shelter, at their line of sight, hearing, reaction so restricted, sometimes in order to move on, competing, change, cross and fierce turn, often because of when a vehicle is approaching be confound at slip, enables the driver to be taken by surprise. Encounter this kind of situation, the driver should slow down and observe the road conditions.- linkSee how the typhoon warning signal classification?Typhoon warning signal respectively represented by blue, yellow, orange, red.The typhoon blue warning signal: say or have influence of a tropical cyclone may within 24 hours, the coastal or land average wind up to 6 or more, or gusts over 8 and is likely to continue.Typhoon yellow early warning signal: say or have influence of a tropical cyclone may within 24 hours, the coastal or land average wind up to 8 or more, or gusts over 10 and is likely to continue.The typhoon orange signal warning signal: say or have influence of a tropical cyclone may within 12 hours, the coastal or land average wind up to 10 or more, or gusts over 12 and is likely to continue.Red typhoon warning signal: say or have influence of a tropical cyclone may within 6 hours, the coastal or land average wind up to 12 or more, or gust of more than 14 and likely to continue. Wang Zhang

After dinner, Mr. Zhang to carry the bag was left in the seat,ferrule insert through the surveillance video to find is a table of people take after. Mr Zhang of packet loss of hope through newspapers, can find themselves lost bag, “which although no money, but are bills and IOU I do business, to you is a pile of waste paper, all efforts but I good do a year business.”September 15th morning, Mr. Zhang and the customer to the colourful pink street Tiexi District three round noodles restaurant for dinner, into the room after taking a seat, Mr Zhang put the bag off on the seat next to him. Behind them, there were three people in the drink.Mr. Zhang recalled, he and two customer person ate two bowls of noodles, several dishes, talked for half an hour, got up and left. The customer back to the hotel, Mr. Zhang went home. Five a.m., Mr. Zhang want to wrap Falls Hotel, then go back and find out, through the hotel monitoring display, Mr. Zhang see, about one thirty in the morning, three people after the table and got up to leave, one of the men to go out of the hotel, another man picked up the table white wine around, see Mr. Zhang falling bag, then put in the hands of liquor to the people around, picked up the bag of Mr. Zhang, left in a hurry.Mr. Zhang said, not what valuables their package, and even no cash, but also upset than lost money, “my bag clamp, there is more than one bank card, these might be the loss, but there is a note book, do business this year all the effort.”Mr. Zhang said he is doing the catering supplies, notes the inside of these notes have proved that customers play money, and shipped to the customer to payment documents, and several other pieces of iou. “Now these bills lost, there is no basis to dunning, also now want to pipe owe the people asked for, it is more difficult to.”"These days, I am anxious voice swollen, if lost some money instead of directly.” Mr. Zhang said, a total loss of these bills have been forty thousand or fifty thousand yuan. “Perhaps this several people are looking for me, I hope they can see the newspaper and 96009 contact, or someone know these people please help provide clues.”

Vivid discussionsFalse mutton flooding phenomenon frequently appear in newspapers, but after each exposure regulation and did not let the false mutton extinct. Said the local department completely found no such problem is not accurate, questionable is the relevant departments is “turning a blind eye”.According to media reports, four graduates of Anhui University Biological Sciences Xue Chun, by way of DNA detection, Hefei 66 stalls of meat string of meat composition detection, the results found that, in 66 samples of mutton only accounted for about two into. It is reported, because the “worry about unscrupulous merchants will kill stray animal to reduce cost, kebab” after consultation and thesis advisor, Xue Chun decided to test the kebab meat as in the direction of the graduation thesis research on their own.From the education point of view, Xue pure this behavior, is undoubtedly worthy of praise. Not only fully demonstrated his professional ability, but also highlight its “concerned about food safety” sense of social responsibility. It is understood, Xue Chun said, “the next step is going to open a meat authenticity detection mechanism, so that people eat safe meat”.However, if further station in government regulation perspective, so the results of the survey, apparently also worrying and disappointment. Because it means that, with more than 8 local a kebab mutton stalls, in fact is the “cheat”, “shoddy” faker. Therefore, people have reason to ask, why not the local food regulators can be discovered in time, stop? It is to let a student “a green hand grabbed the limelight”? Local “selves” on food safety supervision department, whether should be ashamed of yourself?In fact, the Xue pure identified “false hotpot” just sing the same old song. Market fake mutton flooding phenomenon appears every once in a while will was exposed by the media once, but each exposure concentration after improvement in did not make false mutton disappeared in the market. Under this kind of background, said the local department completely unaware of such problems is not accurate. It is questionable, whether local food regulators is “turning a blind eye”, knowing that there are problems, but no responsibility to the tube? An ordinary college students have because of “fear that unscrupulous merchants to reduce cost and detection of kebab” kebab meat component, while the local has a statutory regulatory responsibility food regulators, has long failed to timely rectification “false hotpot” problem. Does the local food supervision department should not have “let old people eat safe meat” sense of responsibility more than a college student?Although, false mutton string may eat dead people, however, false mutton string become chronic disease in the field of food safety, but that some local authorities to be indifferent to the people for food safety, and, also proved once again that the current food safety supervision of local how lax. Food safety needs severely those unscrupulous merchants, however, if the regulatory authorities and even these noses false mutton string is not to check, unscrupulous merchants not to be punished. So, treatment of food safety supervision department, first of all to cure lazy slack, must first accountability regulators irresponsible and personnel.Zhang Guifeng (staff)

A swindler well, students also have the swindlers have surgery. Go abroad study abroad, we must bear in mind the fangpian guide.Network chat beware virusShow that the case,scaffolding clamps the victims point opened including the Trojan horse program network links, leading to QQ number is stolen. Cheater pilfer date then, also from the friends list to send the link to more people. From friends link for a lot of people unprepared, and more alert to students, may be worried about miss something important adventure links point to open. Because of a security general link does not know, makes the cheater repeatedly succeed. Students should pay attention to, receive the unknown links, don’t blindly opening. Even from the QQ Friend links, but also through other way of contact and good friends after verification on again. In addition, suggest that the students are QQ password change regularly, and often on the computer virus, reduced by pilfer date may.Contact The more, the better.Because the transoceanic telephone cost is too high, QQ becomes the most parents and students rely on tools to contact. Many Internet fraud cases, the parents received the child through QQ sent money information, want to and children to verify the situation, often because of the time or transoceanic telephone inconvenience not contact, swallowed the QQ message, lead deceived.New Oriental future go abroad relevant experts also in the online advice, students and parents usually should use several contact, in addition to mobile phone and QQ, you can also contact the use of Skype, micro-blog etc.. Shanghai well-known study in service teacher Ouyang to remind parents, met and money related issues must be and children get in touch. If we are unable to contact the child, parents can help when offering students services.Private signal identify”Little bandit!” “Ready!” This is Liu Ziyan (a pseudonym) agreed code and mother. During the Liu Ziyan study in the UK, my mother received her QQ message, say to want to make 8200 yuan of money to learn french. On guard of the mother opened her call, confirm the QQ that end is a liar. So Liu Ziyan and his mother to discuss a way, then encountered a similar situation, the mother can say the password let daughter identify. This is a direct and effective way, is worth studying family to follow, but also pay attention to confidentiality code.Personal information to defendStudy abroad life when using QQ, Micro message these social networking tools, should pay attention to protect their personal information, avoid by all means in strangers and conversation revealed his real name, family information or school information, detailed account transaction information not on the Internet, you can through the telephone, SMS to transmit, improve safety coefficient. Experts remind New Oriental future go abroad, students QQ mail list is best not to set the “Dad”, “mother” name, in order to prevent fraud swindlers target easily find.

In a much anticipated iPhone6 conference, Apple had informed China three operators for new start advertising,cuplock scaffolding however Chinese mainland market but not in the iPhone6 before the two batch of listed list. The message says,scaffolding clamps iPhone6 may years without looking at China listed. Good at hunger marketing apple, this time in Chinese “by starvation,” apple “hunger” to long, may not be the apple say.Serious accidents of PR team”From the black” is not the Apple style, this iPhone6 “not into China” is obviously contrary to expectation, apple, even can be regarded as a serious accident of Apple’s PR team.IPhone6 conference, according to the Apple Corp of “informed”, Chinese the mainland’s three largest operators start preheating procedure, including advertising, launch products reservation. China Unicom for advantage, even foreign said, Unicom version of iPhone6 will be released in the early hours of September 10th after the synchronization issue, and start the first delivery in September 19th 24. Then, to the conference is coming to an end, the three major carriers are found, Chinese, not in the first sale of the list, even in the second batch of the list did not. Internet users in the network jokingly said, kidney all ready for you to tell me that?4G network system for trouble?IPhone6 “no show” what is the specific reason? The personage inside course of study thinks is a network system out of the question. IPhone6 supports FDD and TDD two 4G standard. And the Ministry has not yet officially issued FDD license. IPhone6 entered the Chinese before, must use the shielding means to FDD standard function of shielding. That is to say, Chinese mainland version of iPhone6 must be a “castration” process.The speculation has had “a precedent”. IPhone for the first time in China, the WIFI function will be shielded. In addition, available in the China continental iPhone5S/5C FDD function has been locked.The latest information display, Beijing Unicom will hold a press conference today at 4G. It seems that in the industry, this means that the formal issuance of FDD licenses to date have been clear. If the cause of iPhone6 can’t keep the entered the mainland market is indeed China standard of 4G network, this also means that will eliminate this obstacle.Autumn replacement tide et al.Apple in the Chinese “out of control”, a huge impact. Now, Apple needs to worry about is, if the iPhone6 before the new year are still unable to enter China, Apple may miss China market fall replacement climax. Enter since September, Samsung, Huawei, HTC and other manufacturers are released large screen flagship machine, in addition, almost all brand mobile phone manufacturers in the recent launch of a new fall, and the price attractive.The operator told reporters, apple in the China aura has weakened, can replace the product too much, such as millet, Huawei, such as ZTE, if iPhone6 into China blocked, domestic mobile phone manufacturers will benefit.For operators, “placed a” consequence is the prophase huge propaganda cost boondoggle, sales channels, to cattle smuggled goods sellers and Hongkong areas to do the wedding. According to reports, the three major operators in the mobile phone equipment subsidies and marketing spending too much. In the case of apple, each operator needs not only for iPhone spending hundreds of millions of dollars of advertising fee, subsidy when the most ferocious, every sell a iPhone had subsidies on 1000 yuan. Jing Bao new Beijing

In recent years, more and more people are keen to buy outside or purchasing electric rice cooker, juice machine,lifting clutches humidifier, air purifier and other small household electrical appliances, but because the United States, Japan and other countries of the power supply voltage, frequency, there is obvious difference with our current standards, some foreign appliance plug type and Chinese standard is not consistent, so that the thankless, even become useless “furnishings”.For example, many Japanese small household electrical appliances, voltage is 100V, and our country civil voltage is 220V, the direct use of electrical appliances will be damaged, or even cause a fire. Considering the matching use in the domestic, many foreign purchases of small household electrical appliances must be with the transformer and switching plug, square can security be assured use.Therefore, to remind consumers, buy or purchase of small household electrical appliances in the overseas, should pay attention to whether the product’s technical parameters in line with China’s national standards, or the purchase of imported directly from the formal channels of small household electrical appliances at home, so as to provide for themselves and their families on a “safety insurance”. Reporter Ma Jun finishing