Apply hot:Over a hundred people for more than ten places When the driver to “a” two “” The Shichahai area of Beijing is a business card of Beijing gathered here, many famous scenic spots in Beijing: the old Beijing Hutong, Houhai, Yandaixiejie, Prince Gong House, a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists will come to visit the Shichahai, sit tricycle, listen to the Beijing driver tells the story of old Beijing, is due to 海胡 Tour “brand, Houhai bye” is a composed of the old Beijing team. The reporter understands, “Houhai eight” younger than 40 years old, the oldest is 60 years old, although they love this occupation, but already feel deficient.At the same time, due to 海胡 with cyclo is generally not high quality, service quality is uneven, and even some “black round” rip off phenomenon.In this context, the team initiation recruiting college students when the driver idea, added a number of “down to earth” and with international standards of qualified young people for the team.Yesterday, a reporter from the Shichahai Tourism Advisory Service Center to understand, “Houhai eight” is indeed in the recruitment of students for the driver, is the specific requirements college degree or above, age 23~35 year old, healthy, and have a certain level of english.In addition, nationality, residence, gender and other conditions are not limit, “foreigner”, female students can all be fair competition.”At present we also accept the resume, have the intention to resume to mailbox.” The staff told reporters, so far, has received more than 100 candidates plan 8 months early, will continue to inform the interview, two rounds of interviews will eventually employ more than 10 driver. The staff told reporters, so far, has received more than 100 candidates plan 8 months early, will continue to inform the interview, two rounds of interviews will eventually employ more than 10 driver.For the treatment of issues of common concern, the staff told reporters, the team will buy for college students to the five insurance, accommodation, salary is 5000 yuan / month, percentage, if performance is good, with a percentage to a monthly income of over million, in addition, after two years, the outstanding performance and opportunities for advancement. Face difficulties:In Beijing the pedal tricycle parents couldn’t lift my head For a monthly income of over million college students’ coachman, whether can obtain the college students of all ages, the reporter interviewed 20 college education of the college students, 15 people made it clear that he did not consider, graduates of Liu Lin said: “this treatment for newly graduated college students is very good, but the sound is very low, like selling physical work, not what added value.”Some people think that “there is no way to speak to friends and relatives, the other students say is white-collar, how much someone no matter, sit in the office when I in Beijing, said the pedal tricycle, parents could not lift up.”Henan people Zhang Le said.4 people that can be considered, that work in a travel agency Xie, “is very significant, with the foreigner is introduced Chinese culture and history, is actually very tall on the job.”Looking for work, Zhang said, heroes do not ask the source, many college students also to send express, said to the family in “logistics”, as long as the treatment is good, the driver is “cultural workers”. Another person said that was not clear. For the yuan to recruit students the coachman, a netizen to discuss the fierce.@ tranquil life 0 said: “the students when the driver, a waste of talent, sad!” Also the netizen thinks “profession, the driver did not inferior.” The gold peak Dzeko said: “the Beijing dialect + English + master the local historical background story + good physique, requirements are quite high, the bag eats encase million yuan monthly salary is not too much.”This, Communication University of China Institute of cultural industry, a teacher think, college students increasingly serious employment situation, college students should change their concept of employment, employment first to choose a career. Net friend opinion: account, establishment is the hard currency @ King Kai Creative: University has now spread to sweep the streets have university diploma level? University education significance what in?@ terminator monologue: Although the salary is very high, but expose to the weather, very tired.@sy Liu Yang: the same is the job, 5000 did not stem, but if you give 3000 yuan a month, but for Beijing Hukou or compilation, Dr. estimation to want to do, it’s magic!Wang Xiaopang thin or fat paper: a graduate student at Nanjing University, Nanjing Normal University students, through the CPA, level six, can be hired? @ life: the humble this work?Migrant workers are inferior?Do the students can insult students recruit?Insult talent?An insult to the whole of a group? Students will be able to regard oneself head and shoulders above others? What logic. Article / reporter Yu Mengjiang [Edit]: Jiang Yan Participating in interactive ( 0 )Sponsor Link:swift lift anchors formwork clamp lifting loop

Juvenile court judge in Zengcheng after the court found out, two years, the court of child molestation case criminals almost half of all men.These men can succeed, in addition to parental supervision, social problems behind it is also worth thinking about. In order to snacks as bait, The 77 year old rape village pupils!The crime of rape, sentenced to 6 years in prisonSmall excellent is a primary school the pupils in Zengcheng city in 2013, July to August, with the 77 year old Yemou Han in that small excellent is under the age of 14 statutory circumstances, to give the snacks, change deception means, at his home in repeated sexual assault on small excellent, small excellent young ignorance in snacks and change under the temptation of repeatedly fooled, and at the instigation of Yemou han to parents about it, until the.Miss Han his behavior constituted the crime of rape, was sentenced to six years.To watch TV for a reason, The 58 year old watch old man lewd of middle school students!The 58 year old watch old man lewd of middle school students!The coercive indecency women sin, sentenced to 1 years in prisonMiddle school students Wei is a small TV fans, especially love to watch entertainment programs.In 2012 June, Wei and sister after a Zengcheng city site work shed, 58 year old watch old man Mo one called the sisters, ask to see “happy girl” program, Wei think of home, not to see the show, very happily agreed, so together with my sister to Mo a work shed watch tv. Kanleyihui, Mo Mou suddenly forcibly hold Wei implementation obscene. Wei fear of retribution, did not dare to tell parents, after many times by the Mo a lewd, until the Wei’s mother saw Mo a bike riding Wei asked, Wei told the mother. The court concluded that, not one to stimulate and satisfy the desire for the purpose, violation of women’s will the coercive indecency women, his behavior constituted the crime of compulsory indecency women, was sentenced to one year in prison. That help to find grandpa,64 years old 7 years old of statutory rape!The crime of rape, sentenced to 8 years in prisonThe 7 year old Mei is a rural primary school in Conghua, 2013 day in April, the United States after school found grandpa hasn’t come to pick her up, so a person at the junction of Grandpa, waiting for sleep.Later, a strange old man a wake her up and took her to find Grandpa, the United States and the beam of a motorcycle, do not want to 64 year old Liang MOU will narrow to Zengcheng city send a transformer room town near the mountains, the implementation of the assault on the United States, and caused the United States Minor injuries. Court that, Liang Mou’s behavior has constituted the crime of rape, causing minor injuries to the victim, should be severely punished, was sentenced to eight years in prison. The judge analysis1 social improvement of living standards, improve the body quality of the old;2 rural geography environment is complicated, the elderly living alone with crime geographical advantage;Poor legal awareness of 3 elderly people in rural areas, lack of social care;4 the elderly physical characteristics determine its infringement object for the young girl or intellectually disabled women.The judge reminded1 parents of their children’s safety in the first place, not only to Caution! Status of children, it is more important to teach children to establish conservation awareness, effectively identify the risks, and to save themselves from the invasion came, improve their ability to guard against the risk.Contact such as not strangers, do not accept the property of others, not greedy small cheap, teach children how to dial the emergency call. 2 parents to enhance communication with their children, pay attention to the abnormal situation of children, timely prevent and reduce the possibility of minors to be sexual.3 social improve care for the elderly, widowed elderly abnormal problems should be seeking social support and self-esteem.Article / reporter Wei Lina Liu Chuan correspondent, Luo Cong [Edit]: Jiang YanSponsor Link:lifting clutches swivel coupler steel chamfer

– Shanghai: sealed 9 enterprises of Fuxi company’s products of about 100 tons, emergency interviewed 22 downstream enterprises. — Guangdong: closure Pizza Hut found using Fuk meat million kg.Yum (Guangdong) Co. Ltd. under the Pizza Hut restaurant use 4 products Shanghai Husi food limited production, logistics center of the company in Guangzhou has sealed the 4 products of 1319 boxes, a total of 13070.8 kg.Yum (Guangdong) Co. Ltd. under the Pizza Hut restaurant use 4 products Shanghai Husi food limited production, logistics center of the company in Guangzhou has sealed the 4 products of 1319 boxes, a total of 13070.8 kg. — Inner Mongolia and Shanghai: Husi food company to supply products to more than 700 kg.Inner Mongolia local law enforcement personnel for law enforcement inspection on the 67 KFC, McDonald’s, pizza hut, 18 15 and 34 Dicos products, Shanghai Husi food supplies storage shelves for a total of 708.9 kg. — Chengdu: sealed 9.6 tons Fuk meat products.Chengdu Municipal Food and drug supervision and Management Bureau in the investigation of the fast-food chain McDonald’s, pizza hut, found, Dicos and other three enterprises to use Shanghai Fuk products. Three enterprises have been sealed for meat products, a total of 7, the total weight of more than 9.6 tons, related products have been under the plane stopped selling. — Nanning: seized 6 Pizza Hut stores found that Fuxi problem of meat products.Nanning Municipal Food and drug inspection detachment of the Nanning catering group and three development zones in the McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut stores are examined, in which 6 Pizza Hut restaurants found the meat products Shanghai Husi Food Co. company, has been found. Xi’an: — three “fast food” shop Husi food is off the shelf.Weiyang District, Xi’an City, food and Drug Administration Zhang Jia Bao food and drug to a McDonald’s and two pizza hut of Husi food was immediately under the frame, to stop processing the sale. [Edit]: Liu HongliSponsor Link:lifting anchor ledger blade halfen frimeda

Tan Xiaosheng has two cards, one is the vice president of the 360 company, is a Chief Privacy Officer 360 companies, in some network security conferences and seminars, which tend to use more. 360 is the first domestic setting Chief Privacy Officer position of the Internet Co, Tan Xiaosheng is still the only Domestic Company in a Chief Privacy officer. However, in foreign countries, many companies have this position, for example, Facebook, Microsoft America bank, MasterCard, a senior adviser Google privacy, even as America Department of homeland security that government departments have a privacy officer. International Security Conference of the year, Tan Xiaosheng will meet foreign counterparts. But the job more than two years later, Tan Xiaosheng still have often been curious to ask: privacy officer is stem what of, can protect the privacy of users?What is the Chief Privacy Officer”The Chief Privacy Officer is a fusion of technical, legal, management and other aspects of professional knowledge and skills to work.” Tan Xiaosheng to China Youth Daily reporter said: “to solve the privacy issues, from the two aspects of law and technology. The lawyers law but cannot solve the technical problem, the technical staff although know what behavior will protect the safety of users, but the lack of legal knowledge.”"I set up the Chief Privacy Officer, partly because with the Internet users demand for privacy protection is more and more big, the company must grasp the direction of products; on the other hand, because we know the privacy international trends, with leading international companies.” Tan Xiaosheng technical background, work in all aspects of the Internet of the production chain.Said Tan Xiaosheng, the Chief Privacy Officer, more inclined to protect user privacy security. “I usually work mainly planning and to develop the company’s privacy policy, audit the product user agreement, supervision” white paper “360 privacy protection implementation etc..” Tan Xiaosheng introduces, privacy protection team is an independent supervision departments in the company, with a vertical management authority for each product department. “Is a set of product’s privacy policy on user privacy protection rules, two is the supervision in the product strategy execution. The first is the internal constraints, external protection second.” Tan Xiaosheng introduces, second duty is actually the supervision strategy and establish rules in the first duties, and includes the following several parts, first of all is to do the duty of disclosure, including the privacy policy and user statement; the second is to supervise the implementation, each product should be reported to the audit; another is the examination, each product has preliminary product manager for safety after the audit report, and then the information security department by technology review.Domestic law is still a blind spot for user privacy protectionAt present domestic law to the privacy of users is still a blind spot, while more than 40 laws, more than 30 laws and 200 regulations are related to the protection of personal information, including Internet information, medical information, personal credit management, but all with one or two words, very scattered, not system. America in 1974 there will be the first “privacy law”, but we have no privacy protection law specialized.Tan Xiaosheng thinks, must make the enterprise own rules, “white paper” 360 privacy protection has been upgrading from version 1 to version 2, this is in fact the company and user’s contract. Safety behavior constraints for internal staff, 360 companies have very clear requirements, summarized as “four not three must be”: first, should not look to see; second, not the mass not to pass; third, should not keep the does not exist; fourth, without the use of fifth, all behavior; must express; sixth, must pass through the user license; seventh, must be user privacy information of mobile phone charge.A review of the development of the 360 company, has been accompanied by all kinds of disputes and other Internet Co, is accompanied by a variety of negative evaluation, even someone with a cuff and kick out “rogue brother” to describe. At present, 360 has become one of the China largest Internet security company, have security guards, antivirus, security, mobile phone browser guards and other series products. In July 21st, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) thirty-fourth survey data show, China’s mobile phone users has reached 527000000 people, occupy the 360 mobile phone users with 400000000 assistants, the coverage rate reached 75.9% of mobile phone users.Although, the 360 products have occupied the dominant position, but so far, the 360 scanning user information, software invasive too strong evaluation continues, even with a large number of users, but many people are using the edge of doubts, and even can be said to hold on.For the evaluation, Tan Xiaosheng from the professional point of view to explain one by one. Scanning independent individual privacy, hundreds of millions of users information data is too large, the company could not individually scanning; for some security software to install, is to click on the convenient easy to use, will be installed to lower the threshold, the use of take care of most people.Tan Xiaosheng is responsible for the information security department is an important department of the 360 company employees, to prevent malicious violations of user privacy, we have a set of flow monitoring system, who visited the user sensitive information, will be found in the departments of information security.Because of the company’s staff overall young, how to control these energetic and skilled young people is a big problem. Tan Xiaosheng discloses, company had employees try to black other sites, with the company server to dig network currency issues, these people have been punished.Life convenience and privacy risk is a two edged swordAs the Chief Privacy Officer Tan Xiaosheng also often encounter privacy embarrassment. One day, a friend suddenly issued a Happy birthday wishes to him, Tan Xiaosheng very surprised, because he had not told the people to his birthday. It is a company designed a social product, A and B, B and C, some personal information can be obtained by B A C. For this product, Tan Xiaosheng very angry, because this is the unauthorized disclosure of the privacy of others.In life, Tan Xiaosheng also has a strong sense of self preservation, he said his book ticket to airline website booking, reduce the third party access to their data may.In 2011, the user password Chinese IT community CSDN the world’s largest leaked; in March this year, Ctrip payment security log loopholes, resulting in a large number of users of bank card information leakage, a series of events that appears recently, the problem of network security has been paid more and more attention. But at the same time, with the development of Internet and the height and the life, also appeared a trend.The predicted in 2017, a study of global famous research institutions Gartner released in early 2014, there will be 80% users are willing to allow service providers to collect, track and exchange their personal information in exchange for concessions, convenient and personalized service.”We are not living in the pure world, sometimes risk some privacy, make life more convenient.” Tan Xiaosheng believes that this is a double-edged sword, each companies and individuals are faced with the security and privacy issues, personal information is not fully known very difficult, so the modern people should learn to new life. To provide network security products company is to try to keep people’s privacy rights, realize design and products to protect and realize people’s power. He stressed the point: “the internal constraints, protecting the user, these two aspects of interest is consistent.”"Internet service providers to know to protect user privacy is obligatory, collect the user’s personal information risk, protect user privacy is cost, revealing user privacy must bear the responsibility. With the improvement of personal protection legislation, protecting the privacy of users will become a hot potato.” Tan Xiaosheng hope “should not look to see, not the mass not to pass, not the memory does not exist, should not be used without” has become the consensus of the industry.Sponsor Link:fixing socket formwork accessories erection anchor

He was ordered to take over a failing local enterprises, in 2013 the enterprise product marketing. He make snap another path is said never. He wrote a Zhang Quanxin area — Ningxia red card with a wine, he is — Ningxia Red Group Chairman Zhang jinshan.” The first Ningxia red, in the 2014 Chinese wine Forum on early, Ningxia Red Group Chairman Zhang Jinshan won the 2013 annual Chinese wine outstanding value award. Just a hundred words of the word, the Ningxia red and Zhang Jinshan so many years of hardships and stand. Especially in the face of great adjustment and reform over the past two years the industry as a whole, Ningxia red chairman Zhang Jinshan at the forum said Chinese wine: wine industry should return to the nature of consumption. Soon after the end of Chinese wine forum, Ningxia red wolfberry is heavy launch.July 17th – July 18th, 2014 Ningxia red national media pass Qi Caifeng activities for a period of two days to open in the town of Ningxia Zhongwei wolfberry wine, you are In new networkIn new networkInvitation, and from all over the country more than 30 mainstream media, media, network media to Zhongning, Zhongwei and other places, observe every link of Ningxia red Chuan Qi was born near distance.The world Chinese wolfberry in Ningxia”The world of Chinese wolfberry Chinese, China wolfberry in Ningxia, Ningxia wolfberry red Ningxia.” The Chinese wolfberry has 600 years of cultivation history, known as “the world Chinese wolfberry from Ningxia, Zhongning conquered” reputation. Ningxia because of its unique geographical advantages, the Ningxia wolfberry wolfberry become the excellent varieties, but also achievements in the Ningxia red group. In order to inherit Chinese wolfberry industry chain, Ningxia red in Zhongning will wolfberry cultivation from less than 50000 in 2002 to 850000 Mu Mu development today, and introduced to the market of wolfberry wolfberry wine brewing technology based on.In Ningxia red Chuan Qi production base, the delegation learned about the process and history of brewing Ningxia red Chuan Qi, explain in detail the Ningxia red brewing technology and wine of the road, and to experience the Chinese wolfberry fruit picking, acquisition, cleaning, selection, crushing, fermentation brewing juice unique link.According to introduction, compared to other parts of the production of Chinese wolfberry, wolfberry except here have more nutrient rich, but also more safe and reliable, all Ningxia red wolfberry products required, are produced here, this is from the source to ensure the excellent quality products of Ningxia red.When the Chinese wolfberry wine in oak barrelsOak barrel cellar wine master, all meticulously brewing. Ningxia red wolfberry wine Chuan, in mature after the last procedure after is through the French imports of new oak barrel aging years.It is understood, French oak barrels made from oak aromas rich and complicated, style delicate balance, with its own tannins into the wine Chuan Qi, and fresh quietly elegant Chuan Qi fruit fruit slowly fusion, forming a Chuan Qi is full-bodied, mellow taste.Ningxia red Chuan Qi, through low temperature fermentation, brewing process, the import of French oak, French winemakers full guidance, the medlar intrinsic essence to maximize the release, so as to achieve the purpose of diet, health, nutrition to.Natural consumptionWhy did Jackie Chan speak? Use the medlar health wine brewing wine, is a natural health is a way of keeping good health, Chinese pursue healthy new life style. Ningxia red represents a healthy industry chain, representing more farmers become rich dream of Lycium barbarum. For each fruit brewed wine each bottle of wolfberry wolfberry farmers are carrying the child’s tuition, their living expenses, as well as their dream of the future. Every consumer to drink at the beginning of each bottle of wolfberry fruit wine is healthy.In the media of communication, assistant, Ningxia Red Group Chairman Liu Xiuhua said, Ningxia red Chuan Qi is China liquor consumption to “self selection product” era. Ningxia red group research and development of new products is also a concept of consumer demand changes in innovation, in line with the changing times and cast a consumer good, formed the Ningxia red Chuan Qi transfer health, for the whole society to transfer love brand mission.As the chairman Zhang Jinshan in the Chuan Qi conference said: “is a rare opportunity wolfberry brewing China wine remodeling, the change of consumption launched Ningxia red group, Chuan Qi medlar wine. When the consumer more and more rational, people no longer Sheng behavior others drink to his drinking, health products should be the future market growth is one of the largest. When the Ningxia red lead Chuan Qi medlar wine out of the country, to become the representative of Ningxia red wolfberry wine, will create a new round of China type legend.”Sponsor Link:swift lift anchors formwork accessories erection anchor

Reporter Wang Yan perturbationDaily addiction like behind the ancient Yue tea regardless of the weather is the feeling of spiritual sustenance for old GuangzhouAccording to incomplete statistics, more than 60 years of age in Guangzhou City, the old man has more than 1300000 people. In addition to cook, watch TV, exercise the body, how to spend the old Guangzhou’s daily life?Heart and how?90 years from the last century 22 years, in the Gaohu, Causeway, Sheng sound, Aiqun Hotel fifteen floor, 15 yuan per capita Cantonese tea, in addition to the Lunar New Year thirty and decoration business, the rest 7000 days, are recorded in the old Guangzhou’s daily life and spiritual sustenance. Before retirement, their identity is a worker, private owner, the director, secretary, teahouse, intellectuals housewife, after retirement, they become the same identity — love sweet. “Listening to music, drinking a two cup” of the ancient Yue mood is retained in this landmark building.50 old peopleTeahouse for half a century has not changed.Great hall, a table to eat old aunts had left, there are two old gentlemen to fill a vacancy.The 72 year old brother Yang South and 69 year old brother Yang Jia, they began to patronize the restaurant from the last century 60′s, until now.Oi Kwan appearance, atmosphere and half a century ago there was no great difference, but now Yang Jiahui picked up his iPhone3 mobile phone to the actors on the stage photo.Guangzhou Daily: Retired will come here every day? There is no other family members? Yang Nan: in fact, we have two or three months to come again.It is less, and the family together is less. This is not young people, where do they understand.Guangzhou Daily: you are very familiar to the Chinese opera? Is a retired do what work? Yang Jia: Opera many tone are similar, so familiar. Yang Nan: I used to be the director of elevator factory, my brother is a machinery factory boss, are not and the related occupation. But I will sing of self-study of Cantonese opera.In fact, Chinese opera is not good to sing, I think the words to the first half of the year, sing well to two or three years.Guangzhou Daily: why do so many years to come here? Yang Jia: many here to sing all the troupe of actors, very professional. You just took office is Wu Lichang, but that the famous, famous power is not the same.In fact, listening for a long time, an actor from singing, articulation, voice……Can listen to a level. Senior people Put the “canteen” Over seventy years old Lin aunt an alley in nine East, is one of the earliest Cantonese tea drinkers to.Originally retired Lin aunt does not listen to the Cantonese opera, is also idle at home daughter took to love people, but gradually fell in love with here.It has become one of the most senior people.Every day at noon, Lin aunt and her daughter to eat lunch in the world, so every day, for many years. Guangzhou Daily: your day is going? Lin aunt: 5 I the morning exercise, go to the culture park, Tai chi. 10 a.m. to come here, to eat lunch.Then, from 2 pm to four thirty in the afternoon will be here.Before the rush, go home by bus. Go home to cook dinner, watch TV, the day quickly. Guangzhou Daily: come here everyday will not be tired? Lin Yi: No. One of the lowest 15 yuan consumption.There are tea to drink, eat, and chat.There are tea to drink, eat, and chat. Go to the mall, they do not want to talk to you, have to buy things. Here, tea a day had the most fast, good. Life is the most important is to be happy yourself. Tea tea for 60 years. Guangzhou people love tea dumping, “”Huang Fengping sat in the hall near the stage seats, this table is the stage, is a restaurant in senior people fixed seat.A few metres stage a then a, until the “Liang Hongyu beat back” the Cantonese Opera minor Jinbing, she immediately sat straight up, staring at the stage singer, while clapping nods, heard her unbearable opened her handbag, a 10 yuan note is held in the hand, chouzhunshiji send to sing.Guangzhou Daily: every day to drink tea?Huang Fengping: basically is!The morning on the first and his wife went to a nearby restaurant to eat breakfast at home, read newspapers, or a cup of four who are kind, eat a hundred tire, after breakfast to go home instead of simply break, lunch, the afternoon 1 when, the Aiqun Hotel and Datong restaurant the Cantonese tea city will begin on time, I will bring their own cup and saucer to tea.Guangzhou Daily: Opera tea every day to spend how many money? Huang Fengping: usually a day down to one hundred or two hundred yuan, sometimes rewards.I’m a month 4000 yuan pension, spending is about 6000 yuan, full of “the moonlight clan”.Guangzhou Daily: how do you like your tea this thing? Huang Fengping: Guangzhou people do not drink tea?Even in the material extremely scarce in the 60′s of last century, South Park Restaurant snacks are very cheap, Saqi Ma 1 wool 7, pork rice was as long as a few cents, the salary is about 30 yuan a month, but drink tea at most a few dollars, ordinary people to drink up.Tea is life, you have what thing to be the size of a discussion, will naturally say: “steady, tea dumping!” Hongkong “experts” listening to musicSpike Cantonese tea city, many concentrated than Hongkong atmosphere60 years old Lin Zhiyuan is Cantonese tea market experts, from time to time from Hongkong by train for day trips, to the establishment of tea.Because I have the business to take care of, so Lin Shu is not like other people generally can every day to drink tea, tea forest uncle is mostly a few things, talk show, jade, talk about business.Guangzhou Daily: you are an expert, to see how these folk tea Hong Kong?Lin Shu: horizontal side actor also a little higher, they are professional troupe, performing mostly wear Qipao, many passengers will join the old.Guangzhou is now the few Cantonese tea city than Hongkong’s atmosphere is thick, is mainly the old tea drinkers. In addition, the Hongkong West, also some small operatic society, has been difficult to find a drama Teahouse tea, listen.Guangzhou Daily: old people, what do you think of the tea?Lin Shu: because I am a jade merchant business for many years, jade, tea has become a method for business.Discussion and jade friends can be also carried out in the tea, cups of tea drink, possibly millions of business to be finalized.From Dongguan to Guangzhou Opera The old know well what is goodWhat 75 year old grandfather ruddy, he told reporters, he came to love tea from Dongguan by train, in Guangzhou have their own house.In Guangzhou, Dongguan run on both sides, here to listen to Cantonese opera has sixteen in seven years.Guangzhou Daily: why do you like to come here to drink tea? Grandpa: why children are big, have their own things to do, and parents also do not have what words, I do not know the thoughts of youth, mobile phone, computer what I will not, so every day I would like to listen to music teahouses, tea drinking.Guangzhou Daily: old people’s life is like?What grandpa: my wife died many years ago, a person for a long time also be used.Ever wanted to get a wife, but children are against it, so I settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.Every day I go to the park the morning after the buy order someone to cook at home, grandson, granddaughter likes what kind of soup do I know, they come to me for their drink soup, I do not want them to give me money, I can keep myself. Seventy years old “Fashion” Let AI Qun scenic young peopleThe 70 year old Lin Apo, who lives in the East, ten years regardless of the weather to the Aiqun Hotel opera tea.Lin Apo said, after the death of his wife, home lonely, she come here every day, song to sing lively, also can know some age friends, talk about small household affairs.Guangzhou Daily: why do you like to listen to the song of tea here?Lin Apo: I like to listen to opera, but when young, have no time.Now have the time and money.And I didn’t like to stay at home, his wife died, his son, grandson to work. Guangzhou Daily: this tea is also more than one. Lin Apo: here is a habit, every day is almost fixed position, people are more familiar with.But here the seat comfortable, good air, look at the Pearl River vision.The most critical is the Cantonese Opera performer here is relatively young, singing style full old artists, although have feelings, but old, is always less than the young. Before the car made a director Listen to the music in order to avoid a “Indoorsman”Compared with other old people on the scene, the 59 year old Guangzhou Luo uncle looks very smart, also speaking from time to time with a paper towel covering his mouth, hands become as emaciated as a fowl, vascular clearly visible.Before retirement, he was made director of automobile.Guangzhou Daily: your retirement do what now? Luo Shu: I like Chinese medicine, brain, nerve books at home.I can seven hours a day is not out of the house.I was made a director, but that’s the kind of work environment caused my didn’t like to communicate with people, introverted, also do not have what friend. I am now what can be done. In the bus driver Two shifts to listen to musicKuang Xuanhua, 55 years old, in 257 road bus driver, listening to music, drinking tea has 5 6 years.Two hours, allowing him to work at 1 in the afternoon after the end of the Aiqun Hotel, hurried to listen to 2 hours favorite opera.Guangzhou Daily: why do you like opera? Kuang master: I like to listen to, hear the cavity adjustment individual opera “spirit”.I think the “opera” is the essence of the culture of Guangzhou is located, is the representative of Guangzhou culture.It is used in Cantonese, the local language, we can all understand. But, I think the opera both gesture, action or performance, contains the ancient Chinese etiquette culture, is on China’s ancient heritage. New York returnees old white-collar Love to listen to the “hometown accent in the teahouse”In the opera performance near the end, people gradually dispersed.A table near the outlet of the only 72 year old Mr. deng.Mr. Deng is a native Cantonese, young went to America out in New York, where a Foreign capital company occupation managers, and stayed for thirty years. Guangzhou Daily: come here often tea listening to music?Deng: Yeah, more recently, almost every day.Deng: Yeah, more recently, almost every day.Have a little less. I am retired ten years, here English said is “kill the time” (time). In fact, those songs they sing I do not really understand, but listen to happy or give money. Guangzhou Daily: what is your every day to listen to the songs of power?Deng: I was born and raised in Guangzhou, and then went to New York to work for a long time, or very hometown miss.To sit here, I can find my old hometown feeling. In American contact is English, can hear native languages and songs here. Folk Art TroupeOld people only want to hear “Cantonese opera”Guangdong music art group group leader Chen Fangyi, Oi Kwan is the best witness of Quyi cafes.Chen Fangyi said, since 26 years ago, to quyi cafes guests are in Guangzhou in different periods of the elderly, and never fall.The Hong Kong and Macao and overseas Guangzhou people find the taste of Guangzhou “scenery line”. Guangzhou Daily: in Oi Kwan played 22 years, what is the feeling of old people?Chen Fangyi: they want to show, as young people now brush Micro message, circle of friends addiction.One day not uncomfortable, uncomfortable. Some old people he doesn’t come, it means he has gone. Guangzhou Daily: why the old man would like to listen to the song here?Chen Fangyi: people over the age of forty or fifty, say Cantonese people will like the slow pace of Cantonese opera.Like pop music where the old man is not young, old became the Cantonese Opera fan. This is the most authentic Guangzhou life of the elderly, in addition to the holiday travel and daily cooking, tea listening to music, chat, much healthier than playing mahjong. “Floor” high sisterThan the boring at home.From 12 noon to eat some old tea drinkers to five thirty Cantonese tea clean end, except for a few attendant Aiqun Hotel, and opera group hired to take care of old people of the floor, over high forty sister is the one.Few people know, such as high sister of Guangzhou, a monthly salary of 900 yuan, every day at ten thirty in the morning to 5 in the afternoon, one day a week.Guangzhou Daily: the hard work?Gao Jie: compared to the previous day in the Datong hotel work, this work is tiring, low wages, but at night time can give the family cooking.Guangzhou Daily: pay so little why not change jobs?Gao Jie: I can economic conditions now, but boring at home what not to do, there’s no point in doing this work, might as well come out.Like the old tea drinkers, most retirement pay is not much, to actor rewards are to rely on rental housing rent and future for pocket money. Reporter notesA tea two sighPeople love tea, tea, tea family party to meet friends, greeting guests tea, even a size have nothing to do, go out drinking and becomes one of the “program”.Drinking tea, a cup of two pieces, a newspaper, Miao Miao tea, on world affairs; afternoon tea, afternoon break, drink a cup of tea to hear the song, KEF; night drinking tea, a day of busy enough, sit down, drink a cup of tea, food package, is a toil to steady your nerves calm down, go back to one’s heart’s content good dream.A day of three tea, the tea is tea sigh, sigh, sigh of life world.Because love tea, made of old people calm character, another big storm, a cup of tea, clear off the belly.Find food again painstakingly, the size of a mate tea, enjoyable and bitter sweet. Small tea is more people learn to work, old tea is a sigh of life, with the world.In this paper, figure / reporter Wang Danyang Intern / Chen Xushuang, Wang Zhongyuan, Hu Yaping, Fu Qinyun [Edit]: Jiang YanSponsor Link:fixing socket scaffolding clamps wavy tail anchor

In April 11, 2012 the supermarket store, to increase the festive atmosphere, the supermarket released large balloon in front of the door. In April 11, 2012 the supermarket store, to increase the festive atmosphere, the supermarket released large balloon in front of the door.In the evening, to pay a certain shopping to leave, was inadvertently balloon ropes tripping fall, supermarket staff will he sent to hospital for treatment, after being diagnosed with metatarsal fractures. Consultations fail, a supermarket to court. The supermarket said, the in store design and activities as to the safety and security obligations, the duty to rescue the plaintiff does not represent shall bear tort liability. The court thinks, supermarket should set up obvious warning signs, but not to the safety guarantee obligation, it shall bear the liability of compensation 70, I have to pay a certain damage results also bear corresponding responsibility. [Edit]: Yuan YeSponsor anchor nut erection anchor

The next ten days, our province less precipitation generally, only one obvious precipitation process: 23, Baoding and Shijiazhuang, Cangzhou and the south area has the shower, the Handan local rain. The next ten days, our province less precipitation generally, only one obvious precipitation process: 23, Baoding and Shijiazhuang, Cangzhou and the south area has the shower, the Handan local rain.Other times, most parts of the province mainly sunny to cloudy weather, the temperature will rise gradually.During the summer, the average maximum temperature is 30.8 ℃ the province for many years, Shijiazhuang city is 31.6 ℃. This period “high temperature, high humidity, high fever” of the “three high” will occur. (Hebei Daily reporter Guo Yingchun reporter Xing Jieran)[Edit]: history of Cong Participating in interactive ( 0Sponsor Link:lifting socket formwork clamp shuttering magnet

Round table”From Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou Huanglong three day tour include transportation, accommodation, meals, tickets, tour guide service, travel insurance fees of six, a total of 377-1200 yuan.” Sichuan Province Tourism Association recently released a 6 tourist routes cost reference price, this is one of them. The published price for the team travel, Chengdu Sichuan tourism center, so the announced cost price to Chengdu as a starting point. As everyone knows, the tourist season and the tourist season “cost price” floating space is large, so the cost should be how to account? Published information is intended to remind visitors don’t fall into the trap of low mass, it will play this role? And what kind of impact on the tourism industry?Price accounting should have detailed feedback channels need to be perfectModerator: the Sichuan announced cost relates to travel routes and time, in your opinion, how should accounting “cost price” is reasonable? What do you propose?Zhou Zhihong: the tour price is fluctuating, because it can be affected by factors such as market, policy. The published price will surely change after a period of time, but the basic price of it, such as fare, tickets, tickets or will have a baseline set. Therefore, we must take into account the time factor in the cost price, the time to split into different dimensions, such as in time can be divided in to announce, because even in the summer tourist season, in August 7, travel costs still have differences. In addition, taking into account the different needs of tourists, also can be classified according to the travel service. For example, relative to the tourists, backpackers of the hotel will demand less, while the other service needs more food. In order to let visitors more convenient to choose, according to the different needs of different tourists, can a detailed classification of a number of product cost. But because the price will continue to change with time, tourism association can also provide feedback channel for consumers, timely for the “cost” to modify.Lao Yi wave: mentioned released information: “Union City Sichuan Province Tourism Association (state) Association of tourism and tourism enterprises, to Jiuzhaigou – Huanglong, Mount Emei – Leshan tourism price cost accounting and publish.” Thus we can know, not accounting for the published price description. Because the tourism market is large, the computational cost is covered all Sichuan travel agency, or just according to the members of the association to accounting data, it can make nothing of it. A tourism product reference price including hotel, catering, transportation, tickets, tour guide service and other aspects of the cost, remove the tickets, traffic, travel insurance, fixed, restaurant and tour guide service fee is floating, so the cost should be given more detailed specific.But I think it is more important to the “cost” of the publicity, after all tourist association is more authoritative institutions, should exert its influence. It should not only be announced cost price in their official website, and to take other means to let visitors know more widely. For example, at the airport, station can provide brochures, travel agency requirements issued “cost price” publicity etc.. But for this official is not done, it will cause a lot of tourists do not know this thing.Yin Weitian: the cost of too general, also do not know the high credibility is not high, how am I supposed to see? Where I should see? Just to travel association’s Web site to find?Online product differences announced price effects of a smallHost: now online travel service products gradually increased, to publish the cost price will affect the online tourism product price?Zhou Zhihong: online and offline travel service cost differences. To publish the cost price will have a certain impact on the online travel products, but did not affect the. After all, online travel products fixed cost the most basic thing is to line the same, such as tickets, tickets and so on are unified, so and line product ratio, online tourism product price range is small. The cost to comply with the psychological expectations of tourists, tourists can choose suitable tourism products.Lao Yibo: line of tourism products are actually two different types of the demand, the Internet is mainly for self-help tourists, they do not want to hot spots, with the mission is to avoid often wander into the fixed line. Relative to the line swim team has developed a good line, their choice is more, want to know more information. After all, the line fixed line, its services is fixed, and self-help is their choice of attractions and travel mode. So the announced cost price to take into account the different travel group below the line on the line, thus announced cost should not be in line for the unit, and should be more services unit.Yin Weitian: I think if it is a regular travel agency, with the line of the same price, online there are artificially low or empty high, so long as the cost price calculation correct both also won’t differ too far.Cost price to promote transparency tourism disputes still need legal protectionModerator: whether to publish the “cost” binding, will not interfere with the operation of the market? And what will be the effect on the development of tourism industry in the future?Zhou Zhihong: “cost” is just a “reference price”, and have no binding force, even in the tourism disputes litigation, it is difficult to become the legal basis. Its primary function is to remind consumers to pay attention to “low-cost corps”, “zero valent groups”, such as 3 days of Jiuzhaigou, in the peak season price may not be lower than 500 yuan. Visitors to know the score on the tickets, tickets and other basic consumption, not just cheap, but to choose the right tourism products. For tourism enterprises, announced cost price can also play a normative role of good, and can guide them to make reasonable tourism products, not to low-cost mission to cheat tourists shopping.When it comes to “disturb the market”, I think that this approach does not publish the cost price “or” to define, it is not “interference”, and will have a certain impact on the market. To publish the cost price in accordance with the development of the tourism industry trend — “transparency”, with the development of network platform, information dissemination more equal, open, the future of the tourism market competition is no longer the price competition, but the competition of service. Therefore, to clarify the nature of tourism industry in the third industry as a service industry, the right to choose independently quality, respect the tourists it requires the services of the information content of. The “open price” let those who do not understand the local price, the provisions of foreign tourists more clearly know the travel cost, free, confidently choose tourism products, so as to reduce the errors that arise because of ignorance, reduce travel disputes.Lao Yi wave: Sichuan Tourism Association is a non-profit social organizations, it announced the “cost” is not mandatory binding, if there is a tourism disputes, it mainly depends on whether some of the terms of the contract violates the law of tourism. For example, the tourism law: travel agency shall not be low organization unreasonable tourism activities, shall not be induced, luring consumers. “The cost” to “low” with digital information more clear, can let visitors know the different travel itineraries, better selection of tourism commodities.For the whole industry, some people worry that the tourism market due to cost price changes in consumer psychology, the relationship between supply and demand and change the pricing, but I think the “consumer psychology” and “supply and demand” has a small change, but does not affect all tourism products. It is only in the short term will make some “low mass” dystocia “products sold hard, want to completely eliminate the low group” phenomenon is very difficult, because the tourist season travel agency mission of the “marginal cost” is very small, the service fee that is variable costs, “low-cost corps” does to the travel agency benefits. Besides, “announced the cost price” is not the first time, always difficult to see the result, we can know to standardize the market or to rely on “law”. Only the law of continuous improvement, to provide more effective protection to consumers, to further standardize the behavior of enterprises, eliminate unfair price competition, guide the healthy and orderly development of the market.Yin Weitian: if after such a “cost price” can really systematic, open, so that visitors will know the correct market before travel, establish the correct view of tourism expenditure, master more skills of tourism, we can not be “low-cost corps” the seduction and deception.The guestGuangdong Province Tourism Development Research CenterDeputy chief planner Zhou ZhihongSenior travel planning experts Lao YiboVisitors to Yin WeitianThe hostSouthern Daily reporter Xiang JieZhang Junlin InternSponsor Link:halfen channel adjustable base jack erection anchor

At the police station two brother and sister reunionTen thirty in the morning of July 21st, 11 year old Liu and 5 year old sister cyanine cyanine with mom to Panxi grain market to buy food and other daily necessities, one not careful the cyanine cyanine unexpectedly lost. After Liu Jin calmly find who borrow a telephone call 110, finally found the sister in the police’s assistance. In this regard, Shimen Jiangbei District police station on Liu Jin’s calm profuse in praise.In the morning at ten thirty PM, Ms. Chen took the children to the market to buy things, have never thought unexpectedly and daughter cyanine cyanine stray. After the incident, Ms. Chen and 11 year old Liu Jin searching.When asked a dozen shops after the failed, Liu Jin suddenly thought of calling the police, he ventured to find a grain shop owners borrowed the first mobile phone, dialed 110.The results, Liu Jin phone to phone the police station relieved. The original, lost sister cyanine cyanine, has long been an enthusiastic person to take to the police station. In order to help the little girl looking for family, police played in fruit, grain and oil pan for broadcasting, such as eight vegetable market, but has no family to the police station to claim.See the little brother and sister reunion, the police couldn’t help for 11 year old Liu into the thumbs up, failing to panic, will borrow the phone call 110 alarm, completely is a young adult.Chongqing evening news reporter Zhu Jun photo coverageSponsor Link:halfen channel formwork clamp steel chamfer